August 2, 2014

LIBYA: Ansar Al-Sharia Islamist Militants, A Muslim Brotherhood Arm, Claims Control Of Benghazi, Declares 'Islamic Emirate' In Libya

International Business Times
written by Howard Koplowitz
Thursday July 31, 2014

Islamic militants in Libya aligned with al Qaeda claimed they took control of Benghazi late Wednesday and declared the city an “Islamic emirate,” Al Arabiya reported Thursday. But Libyan government forces are denying Ansar al-Sharia’s claim, saying troops only abandoned parts of Libya's second-largest city “for tactical reasons.”

Mohammed al-Zahawi told Radio Tawhid of Libya.

A Libyan army general said reports that Benghazi fell to the militants were untrue.

“The national Libyan army is in control of Benghazi and only withdrew from certain positions for tactical reasons,” Khalifa Haftar told Al Arabiya.

But a commander of one of the Islamic groups fighting the government countered that claim by telling the Associated Press that there are no government forces in the entire city.

"We are the only force on the ground in Benghazi," the commander said.

Al-Zahawi posted a video Thursday praising Ansar Al-Sharia for “this victory and conquest,” according to the AP.

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