July 3, 2014

USA: Whistleblower: VA Neglected Care To Focus On ObamaCare Promotion. :o

Breitbart News
written by Staff
Wednesday July 2, 2014

On Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Scott Davis, a whistleblower who works as a Program Specialist at the VA’s Health Eligibility Center stated that “focus our attention to applications based on specific campaigns,” including ObamaCare.

Davis said “there's so much pressure on the employees to get stuff done so that management can meet goals, it's easy to make mistakes, it’s easy to have mishaps,” and employees often “rush through the application process to hit goals for members of management.”

According to Davis, employees “put incoming applications aside so we could focus on the [Affordable Care Act] related applications that came in over last summer” because ACA was one of the “special campaigns coming out of DC.”

Earlier this week, he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “veteran health applications were left in pending status, were not given the appropriate amount of attention, veteran health programs such as the Veteran Health Identification Card was disastrous in its deployment nationwide so that VA Health Eligibility staff could focus on doing promotional material for the Affordable Care Act.”

Davis also reported to the Journal-Constitution that the Obamacare promotion cost “tens of millions of dollars,” while other programs were neglected.

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