July 4, 2016

Make Mine Freedom (1948) ~ Very Telling!

I am RE-POSTING this message that I first shared in 2008 for my new readers and to remind everybody else what we are fighting to protect. Folks this is the American Way. It's not left nor right. It's about our Constitutional FREEDOM, our individual rights which applies to ALL Americans. Beware of anybody who trashes or disrespects our U.S. Constitution. That document is a contract that PROTECTS US ALL. This cartoon was made in 1948 and the exact same sentiment applies today! I am so blown away by this message. I highly recommend you take a moment to watch this 9 minute cartoon. I promise, you too will connect to its message! This message is so spot on it's kind of eerie to actually be living through it right now 60 yrs later. I have taken the following from the YouTube description:


Fun and Facts About America, John Sutherland Productions. Creative Commons license: Public Domain. This Cold War-era cartoon uses humor to tout the dangers of Communism and the benefits of capitalism. For more great vintage animation check out www.animationstation.info and subscribe to our podcast.

Here is a little snipit of the message shared in this cartoon: When anybody preaches this unity, tries to pit one of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us from our FREEDOM and destroy our very lives! And we know what to do about it...

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