July 8, 2014

KENYA: Islamist Militant Group Al-Shabaab MURDERED 29 INNOCENT CIVILIANS In Two Deadly Attacks In Lamu And Tana River County.

International Business Times
written by Aaron Akinyemi
Sunday July 6, 2014

At least 29 people have been killed in two shootings in the Kenyan coastal district of Lamu.

Witnesses said about a dozen men opened fire in the trading centre in Hindi, Lamu County late on Saturday evening, killing nine people including a police officer.

'They went around shooting at people and villages indiscriminately,' area chief Abdallah Shahasi told Reuters.

A further 20 people were killed in a separate attack in the Gamba region of Tana River County. The Somalian al-Qaida-linked group al-Shabaab have reportedly claimed responsibility for the attacks.

County commissioner Miiri Njenga said some government offices and properties were also burned down. The Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre said on Twitter that it is responding to the attacks.

Last month, at least 60 people were killed in Lamu after gunmen launched attacks on hotels and a police station.

Witnesses told the Daily Telegraph that the alleged al-Shabaab operation was spearheaded by a white man who speaks 'fluent British English'.

Mpeketoni resident Mary Gachoki said: 'I saw a white man who was speaking in fluent British English commanding the rest of the attackers.'

Another witness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added: 'There was a white man among them. He was commanding them and was shouting now and then.

'I saw him ordering them to carry out the attacks. He could be heard speaking frequently and at one point, he spoke in Arabic, but most of the time in English.'

Five people died in a later attack by an armed gang in the village of Witu, located about 15km (nine miles) from Mpeketoni. Authorities said they arrested 13 alleged separatists accused of planning further coordinated attacks on the coast.

Last September, militants besieged the upscale Westgate shopping mall in Kenya's capital Nairobi, killing at least 67 people and wounding 175.

A series of gun and grenade attacks in Nairobi and along Kenya's coast have destabilised the country since Kenyan troops went into Somalia in October 2011 to fight al-Shabaab.


International Business Times
written by Jack Moore
May 22, 2014

A senior commander of the Islamist group al-Shabaab has declared that its holy war will move to the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, a Somali-Swedish national, warned in a speech posted on www.somalimemo.net that the group will hit the city with a wave of teenage suicide bombers.

"We have transferred the war to inside Nairobi," said Khalaf in the speech.

"If they kill a Somali girl we kill a Kenyan girl. Kenyans, wait for Muslim teenage suicide bombers, explosions and battles."

The commander, who is viewed as only second in importance to al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, made a plea to Kenyan Muslims to join al-Shabaab in its fight against Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta's government.

"When their soldiers and war planes kill your people, God permits you to retaliate accordingly, we will fight the Kenyans," he said.

Kenyan officials are yet to comment on the terror group's latest declaration of intent.

The group are waging an insurgency against the Kenyan government to gain revenge for the presence of Kenyan troops in neighbouring Somalia.

Last week, twin bombings hit a Nairobi market killing 10 people just two miles from al-Shabaab's Eastleigh suburb stronghold, otherwise known as "Little Mogadishu".

Eastleigh is almost entirely inhabited by Somali nationals and most of the businesses are owned by Somalis, which experts say allows al-Shabaab -- a predominantly Somali outfit -- to gain a foothold in the capital.

The group was responsible for the siege of Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi in September in which 67 people were killed.

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