July 23, 2014

INDIA: Your Callousness Is The Story, CM Siddaramaiah – Karnataka CM And Uttar Pradesh Governor Think Rapes Should Be Ignored Or Left To The Lord. :o

The Times of India
written by Srijana Mitra Das
Tuesday July 22, 2014

They’ve shown us their true colours – and these aren’t pretty.

Bangalore’s residents were shocked to their souls by the rape of a six-year-old child by a monster masquerading as a ‘teacher’ in school.

But not Karnataka chief minister K Siddaramaiah. Oh no.

Leaving grief, shock and shame over what’s happened to lesser mortals – the kind that carry the burden of a heart – Siddaramaiah instead snapped angrily at questioning reporters – Is this the only news which is happening here?

Interestingly, Siddaramaiah would find a buddy in Uttar Pradesh governor Aziz Qureishi.

UP has clearly been overrun by rapist criminals – who, in a horrendous act, gang-raped and tortured a woman to death last week, a hop away from a village Bill Clinton was visiting then – determined that their state hits the headlines for the most foul reasons every day.

But does the state’s governor – supposedly representing distinction and direction – chastise a rotting law and order machinery for failing so miserably at its job?

Instead, Qureishi says that perhaps only if the gods descend from heaven can rapes be stopped.

Which raises the question – why is he there?

Why are any of these public servants – governors who live in the lap of luxury, whose every mouthful of Raj Bhavan food is paid for by tax-payers, CMs who hiss angrily at citizens daring to complain about toddlers being brutally violated and rapists roaming free – even there?

If they cannot do their jobs to administer well or even make the right noises that soothe trauma, they should get lost.

Their disappearance will prevent rapes.

Because once they get out of the way, the police guarding them can guard the people who actually pay for their services.
You and me.

But till that day comes, let’s agree with Siddaramaiah.

Yes, a helpless child being raped and your administration taking days to philosophise over whether or not to arrest its rapist isn’t the only story from Karnataka.

Your unbelievable callousness is.

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