July 12, 2014

Capricorn Super Full Moon by Dale Osadchuk Animal Totem Astrology

written by Dale Osadchuk at daleosadchuk@rogers.com
[source: Crystal Wind]

2014 Capricorn Super Full Moon
12 July 2014 at 7.26am EDT
4.26am PDT and 11.26am GMT

When the Moon is in her Full Face she is 180 degrees opposite the Sun. On the natural Zodiac Wheel that is the place we find the sign of Libra, the peacemaker, mediator and committed relationships, as well as the seeker of harmony and balance. So on the day of any Full Moon relationship is being blessed or challenged. That is the contrast of an opposition. It can feel like a “tug of war” or a bridge to unity and wholeness. Of course the pair of astrological signs the Sun and Moon are in influence the theme.

This particular Full Moon is a Super Moon when Luna is closer to Earth than usual and so stirs the emotions but also enhances whatever we are focused on. At this Lunation the Moon is at 20 degrees Capricorn 03 minutes and the Sun is at 20 degrees Cancer 03 minutes. Capricorn is a symbol for tradition, commitment, personal responsibility, and how we take our power in the world. Cancer is a symbol for our roots, family, home, emotional commitment, and our inner child. So this Full Moon is about where do I belong? Does the foundation of my life (Cancer) support me being empowered in the world (Capricorn)? Spiritually the Sun in Cancer is our sense of Spiritual Destiny and the Moon in Capricorn our sense of Soul Purpose.

The Moon in Capricorn is strong as she is the ruler of the Sun in Cancer. But in traditional astrology there is a system called The Dignities. When the Moon visits Capricorn she is said to be in her Detriment (blocked energy). That is why the Moon in Capricorn can seem cold and controlling. That is the shadow. So although as the ruler of the Sun she is strong she is also considered weak. In my years of doing astrological consultations people with Capricorn Moons have all had some kind of difficult relationship with the Mother figure in their lives. So I expect that to be an issue that can arise with this Full Moon if there are unresolved conflicts with “Mother”. The shadow side of Cancer is to be clingy and over emotional. But there is at this Full Moon an opportunity for healing and wholeness if we let go of our “pain”. The ruler of the Moon in Capricorn is Saturn in Scorpio, deep transformational healing. But we will come back to that later.

On this Full Moon day there is a Cardinal (action oriented) Grand Cross (breaking out of the box). The North Node (new directions) is at 24 degrees Libra 16 minutes (new ways of being in relationship) traveling with Mars (action and motivation) and the asteroids Ceres (the nurturing principle) and Vesta (spiritual commitment) all at 23 degrees Libra. They are square (finding new ways of doing things) the Full Moon as is the South Node (the past) in Aries (a Me-first attitude). The way I read this is it will be important for each of us to make a commitment to being independent and authentic and at the same time supportive of the growth of other important people in our lives. Coming back to the Moon in Capricorn the potential issue I can see with this Grand Cross is possible interference from a Mother Figure (or Mother-in-law) who is not able to let the “apron strings” go. It will be important not to allow someone else’s agenda (no matter how much you want to please them) to interfere with your spiritual journey.

Coming back to Saturn as ruler of the Moon there is a Grand Trine in Water (emotional ease and flow) which is pyramid energy and very positive. It is a blessing from the planetary dance on this day. The Sun in Cancer (the foundation of our lives) is trine (harmony) Saturn in Scorpio (healing and transformation) and Chiron in Pisces (healing and spiritual blessings). The relationship planets Venus in Gemini and Mars in Libra are trine each other (ease and flow). So even with the Grand Cross this Full Moon contains blessings. When we follow our Soul Purpose Path those blessings guide us.

The Animal Totem for the Moon in Capricorn is Snow Goose, loyalty and respect. Spiritually Snow Goose teaches us to follow our dreams. The Clan Mother is Talks With Relations who teaches all life is sacred. For the Sun in Cancer the Animal Totem is the Woodpecker Flicker, new life rhythms, transitions, and spiritual growth and expansion. The Clan Mother is Loves All Things, who teaches how to love unconditionally. For more insight on the Clan Mothers I refer you to The 13 Original Clan Mothers and Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.

The Sun in Cancer is active on the Tarot Constellation of The Chariot; mastery through change and stepping onto The Mystical Path. Cancer is found on the 7th Ray of Invocation and White Magic with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, guardians of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. It is also found on the 3rd Ray of Divine Mind and Creative Intelligence with Archangels Chamuel, healing through Divine Love, and Charity, manifestation and gratitude.

The Moon in Capricorn is found on the Tarot Constellation of the Lovers; relationship and choice. It is the choice to unite in love or separate in fear. Capricorn, along with Cancer, is also found on the 7th and 3rd Rays. But it is also a 1st Ray sign which is the Ray of Divine Will and Power with Archangels Michael, protection and spiritual destiny guide, and Faith, trust in self and Divine Guidance.

There is no story this time. Sometimes Snowy Owl and Shooting Star go off and do their own journeys. But I would like to share the following insights for the Cancer/Capricorn polarity from astrologer Tracy Marks as written in her book The Astrology of Self-Discovery.

For Capricorn: Only when we allow ourselves to experience our real needs can we hope to meet them. When strength and self-sufficiency denies needs and represses feelings it can lead to compulsive attempts to fulfill ambition and gain recognition as a substitute. In allowing ourselves to be vulnerable we discover our sensitive and empathetic core.

For Cancer: We need to take charge of our lives and accept responsibility for ourselves. As we learn to nurture the child within us we develop true responsiveness to other people’s needs and can give unconditionally within needing to receive. We need to learn where to seek nourishment outside ourselves and not attach ourselves to people and experiences which are not nourishing. Establishing boundaries can create the resource base needed to experience the deepness of emotion and feelings in a safe and centered way. Our inner child can then emerge in safety.

Full Moon blessings everyone, Dale

We are starting our Moon Circles again at The Rising Sun in Richmond Hill. Ontario this Sunday July 13. The theme is spiritual astrology and The Medicine Wheel. For more information you can contact me at daleosadchuk@rogers.com

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