March 6, 2014

European Union Tells US Not to Kill Killers, Kills Children

Frontpage Mag
written by Daniel Greenfield
Saturday March 1, 2014

It’s no wonder that the elite of the European Union elite sympathizers with the murderers on American death rows. They have something in common with them.

Shannon Grady at Politichicks points out the contrast between the phony humanitarianism of opposing the death penalty and supporting child euthanasia:
Here in Brussels, Belgium news of the passage of a controversial law allowing young children to commit suicide was greeted with little surprise and few objections by the European Union. The EU has no qualms about allowing children as young as 10 or 11 to decide their lives are no longer worth living and that suicide by lethal injection is a humane option.

Ironically, children under the age of 18 are still not allowed to enter into legally binding contracts without a parent or guardian signature. They are not considered old enough to understand financial or other cases but now they will be able to decide whether to terminate their own life. They cannot marry, run for office, enlist in the service, drink a beer, smoke cigarettes, or any number of other activities on their own, but they can decide that lethal injection is right for them.

In 2011, over 1100 people were euthanized in Belgium. Reportedly, most of the victims were terminal cancer patients. In comparison, the United States has executed only 1277 people since 1976 and in 2011, they executed only 43. So, in only one year Belgium has executed nearly as many people as the entire list of those condemned for various heinous offences in the United States in a period spanning 35 years.

The EU prevents execution and torture in its constitution and has passed a boycott against states who produce one of the main drugs used to give lethal injections. Pentobarbital was commonly used as part of a three drug cocktail for lethal injection cases in the United States. Since there are no US pharmaceutical companies who still produce the drug, prisons had to look outside the US for purchase options. In 2011, the EU placed a ban on the sale of Pentobarbital and effectively ended the former lethal combination from being used for capital punishment.
This is about the trajectory of the progressive society as a whole. It’s about the implosion of the family and its replacement by a nightmarish state run by utterly nightmarish people devoid of anything resembling human values.
Patricia Hewitt was forced to apologise after it was revealed that she had called for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to ten.

The document published in the former Labour cabinet minister’s name also called for incest to be legalised.
That’s not a one-time event. Pedophiles successfully brought the Greens in Germany around to their agenda.Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the radical student activist and EU parliamentarian discussed his own “experiences” in that regard.
Cohn-Bendit published a number of provocative statements regarding “sex with children” in the 1970s and early 1980s, notably in his 1975 book The Great Bazaar (Der grosse Basar) where he describes erotic encounters with five-year-olds in his time as a teacher in an anti-authoritarian kindergarten.
Gay marriage and now the push for tranny rights are the tip of the iceberg. The train isn’t stopping, it’s picking up speed, meanwhile the moral authorities of the European Union denounce Americans for being so barbaric as to have a death penalty for killers.

There’s a reason that criminals fear the death penalty. The pedophile EU parliamentarian Cohn-Bendit was one of the signatories to a petition calling for a universal moratorium on the death penalty.

Several US states have tried to pass the death penalty for child molesters. The child abusers of the EU consider that cruel and unusual punishment… for obvious reasons.

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