March 13, 2014

COMMUNIST NATION of CUBA: A&E In The U.S. Glorifies Homophobes and Mass-Murdering Warmongers And Surprisingly GLAAD, A Gay Organization Supports Them Too!!!

If the gay community in the U.S. only knew what the Castro regime did to the gay community in Cuba, they would NOT be honoring him or praising Cuba the way they've been influenced by Marxist supporting imbecile gay groups who do not have their best interest at heart. Pay attention! You are being lied too. Please wake up! ♥

Canada Free Press
written by Humberto Fontova
Sunday January 12, 2014

GLAAD needs a makeover. Their Queer Eye for Straight Guy Phil Robertson blew up in their face. Just ask A&E. Not since the young Vito Corleone persuaded landlord Signor Roberto to “walkback” his decision to evict the poor widow and her dog (“of course the dog stays, right?”) has a business decision been reversed as abruptly, awkwardly or hilariously.

We can only wonder what Phil Robertson’s version of “of course the dog stays, right?” Sounded like to the hat-holding and stuttering A&E executives.

“Who put a book by that filthy f*ggot on my shelf!” snarled Che Guevara (subject of a History Channel glorification) upon noticing a book on the shelf of the Cuban embassy in Algiers in December 1964. The disgusted Che yanked out the book by Virgilio Pinera and slammed it against the wall, while snarling more insults of the sort Phil Robertson politely eschewed in his GQ interview.

Pinera was an internationally famous gay poet who had prospered in pre-Castro Cuba, despite its reputation in leftists circles as a “fascist, macho-ist,” society.

A year after Che Guevara’s tantrum against “filthy f*ggots!” the regime he co-founded began herding tens of thousands of Cuban men and boys into forced labor camps for the crime of fluttering their eyelashes, flapping their hands, wearing tight pants, talking with a lisp, listening to rock music, etc. Indeed, the regime hailed by rockers from Carlos Santana to Bonnie Raitt, from Stephen Stills to Chrissie Hynde and from Jackson Browne to Jimmy Buffet coined a new term for criminal activity within its Stalinist realm: “Elvispresleyism.”

Tens of thousands of Cuban youths were jailed and tortured for nothing worse than long hair, tight pants and fondness for “Yankee-imperialist” Rock & Roll. Any gay mannerisms made their punishment all the worse. Those Hollywood stereotypes of bigotry and brutality by backwoods American bigots against “long-haired queers! “Dirty hippies! etc.” were indulged 90 miles from U.S. shores by the very heroes of those hippies: Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

The type of violent bigots demonized in Easy Rider, Alice’s Restaurant, Gimme Shelter, Joe, etc. were ruling Cuba with the very brutality that characterize American hippies’ worst nightmares—while being idolized by American hippies!

Naturally, you’d never get an inkling of this rollicking irony from A&E’s lengthy Biography programs (i. e. glorifications) of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Your professor probably never mentioned it either.

“Work Will Make Men Out of You” read the sign at the Castroite prison-camp’s gate, right over the barbed wire and next to the machine gunners posted on the watchtowers. The initials for these camps were UMAP, not GULAG, but the conditions were quite similar.

Nothing remotely of this sort had ever been attempted by any regime in the Western hemisphere, even by any of the major villains who give liberals such recurring fits of the vapors: Pinochet, Somoza, Trujillo, Batista, etc.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was second in command, chief executioner, and chief KGB liaison for a regime that outlawed elections and private property. This regime’s KGB-supervised police — employing the midnight knock and the dawn raid among other devices — rounded up and jailed more political prisoners as a percentage of population than Stalin’s and executed more people (out of a population of 6.4 million) in its first three years in power than Hitler’s executed (out of a population of 70 million) in its first six.

But A&E, basing their Che Guevara Biography on a book written in collaboration with the Castro regime, gushed that: “Che Guevara’s idealism will rarely be equaled.”

During a 1961 speech in Cuba, Che Guevara denounced the very “spirit of rebellion” as “reprehensible.” Earlier he had cheered the Soviet invasion of Hungary and the concurrent slaughter of thousands of Hungarians who resisted Russian imperialism. In collaboration with Soviet officers Che Guevara helped crush a rural rebellion in Cuba itself that raged from 1960-66. Thousands of Cuban country folk were murdered in the process.

Nonetheless the A& E Biography gushed that: “Che Guevara is a potent symbol of rebellion, liberation and resistance to imperialism”

Wilson Cruz was the GLAAD spokesperson who tattled on Phil Robertson to A&E executives: “Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe. Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

Any questions why so many flyover Americans question the agenda of outfits like GLAAD and The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force?

Before joining GLAAD Cruz worked for The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. This same NGLTF honored Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela at the New York Public Library in May 2012 with a forum to spout her regime’s anti-American propaganda. Needless to add, Raul Castro’s daughter—an official of the only regime in the history of the Western hemisphere to herd gay men and boys at Soviet bayonet-point into forced labor camps and torture chambers—received a standing ovation at the event sponsored by this gay rights organization.

In brief, according to Wilson Cruz, Phil Robertson simply cannot be allowed to express his views (which happen to coincide with a majority of Americans’) in a free-market venue. This amounts to “pushing lies.” But Mariela Castro must be allowed to spew Stalinist propaganda at New York taxpayer’s expense. Apparently this amounts to spreading the enlightenment as reckoned by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Any questions why so many flyover Americans question the agenda of outfits like GLAAD and The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force?


The Guardian UK
written by Mario Lopez-Goicoechea
Friday August 3, 2012

Virgilio Domingo Piñera Llera was born in Cárdenas, western Cuba, on 4 August 1912 – 100 years ago tomorrow. Nothing in his normal upbringing (his father worked as a public servant and his mother was a teacher) could predict that he would one day become one of Cuban literature's trailblazers. But from an early age, Piñera was an avid reader; among the books he considered essential reading were À la Recherche du Temps Perdu by Marcel Proust, and Moby Dick by Herman Melville. This capacity to draw inspiration from different genres was fundamental in the development of his career and unlike the sesquipedalian Lezama Lima, author of the masterpiece Paradiso, Piñera combined Cuban vernacular with more refined language.

It was at this point that Piñera, almost a decade into his 12-year stay in Argentina, found his voice as a writer. The initial lambasting of his modernist play, Electra Garrigó, spurred him on rather than deterred him. In 1962, with the Cuban revolution in full swing, his most autobiographical play, Aire Frío (Cold Air), opened in Havana. Aire Frío was Piñera's very personal celebration of the closure of a period in Cuban history he did not want to see repeated – a pseudo-republic supported by the US government and enforced by dictator Fulgencio Batista's police and army. To his mind, the future augured well. How wrong he was.

Shortly thereafter, Fidel Castro and his "barbudos" put their agenda on the table: there was no space for the likes of Piñera and other luminaries in Castro's revolution, and long-haired youngsters, rock enthusiasts, intellectuals and the religious were to face persecution. Piñera, a gay man, was arrested under the government's clampdown on the "three Ps" ("prostitutes", "pimps" and "pájaro" – homosexuals in Cuban Spanish slang). From that point on, Piñera's career declined into obscurity. His plays were no longer performed, though he continued to write at a frantic pace.


Translating Cuba
written by Angel Santiesteban
September 6, 2012

It has always surprised me how Cuban intellectuals, particularly the generation that lived through the seventies, which later came to be called “the five gray years,” have this bad public memory, and in general, among people they trust, they express the pain they still feel for the abuses committed against them by the functionaries faithful to Fidel Castro and his ideological and military leadership.

Many decades went by without these demons that marked them for life being exorcised, some called traitors for writing “counterrevolutionary” literature, others classified as homosexuals for being weak, along with “ideological licentiousness,” being religious, having long hair, wearing tight pants or listening to the Beatles, Nelson Ned, Cheo Feliciano, Julio Iglesias, Roberto Carlos. There was so much censorship and insanity that Kafka’s narrative began to be realistic.

They created the Military Units to Aid Production (known as UMAP*), concentration camps in the style of Stalin’s Russia. The voices of the dead from this time, who didn’t survive the torture, still call out for justice, and their souls are still waiting, impatient, for the day their names are cleared and returned spotless to their families, and their executioners pay for the injustice committed, as well as those who planned the punishment.

Many of those intellectuals who are still silent, were witnesses of those abuses, others they learned of from friends and acquaintances, all in the end were silent accomplices to evil and crime. A generation that mostly preferred to pretend they had forgotten and to continue to repeat ad nauseam compulsory slogans such as “I’m a revolutionary,” “I support the Revolution,” “I’m loyal to Fidel,’’ and to maintain that imagefearing they would suffer again what they already endured.

The executioners’ return

When the famous “War of the Emails” or I should say, “little controlled war” — when those terrible characters, visible puppets of the Cuban socialist fascism — coincidentally began to reappear in the public media, the officials of that time said it wasn’t on purpose. But in this country for more than half a century nothing happens by chance, where everything is controlled by Fidel Castro, like the great plantation he’s turned Cuban into: Birania, in honor of the name of his father’s ranch and the place of his birth,

Translator’s notes:

*UMAP — Military Units in Aid of Production, a euphemism for concentration camps for homosexuals, religious, and others considered in need to “re-education” or simply confinement.

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