February 11, 2014

PAKISTAN: Muslim Man Beats Up Ex-Wife, Then Throws Acid On Woman For Telling Her Family He Divorced Her For Giving Birth To A Girl. The Woman May Now Lose Her Eyesight. :(

Female acid attack victims by Muslim men pictured above
Atlas Shrugs
written by Pamela Geller
Tuesday February 11, 2014

The honor code under Islam trumps all, but most especially humanity. The Muslim husband divorces this poor woman (and probably did her the biggest favor of her life) and throws her out. She goes home to live, but can’t tell her family that he divorced her. Then why is she there? Only the Muslim male mind can explain such things.

He divorced her because she gave birth to a girl ….

It gets worse. The savage decides he wants her back. She refused. So he went to her parent’s house and beat her. He threw acid on her, as “punishment for her arrogance.”

Where do Muslim men buy their acid? Who sells it to them? The law ought to pursue that as well.

“Acid attack: Woman burnt for making divorce public “ Express Tribune.com, February 11, 2014 (thanks to Religion of Peace)
A woman was hospitalised in Vehari on Monday after her former husband threw acid at her for making their divorce public.
The man has been arrested. Doctors treating the woman said she was in critical condition.

Saima Bibi* told police that she had had a daughter two years after she married Muhammad Hussain, 37, a resident of Akhtar Town in Burewala Vehari. A few weeks later, she said, he divorced her and kicked her out of his house. She said she had been living with her parents for six months. However, she said, he had threatened her not to tell her family that he had divorced her. She said he had also threatened to kill the girl.

She said she told her parents that she had had an argument over the birth of a girl and did not want to go back.

A few weeks ago, she said, Hussain visited her and asked her to go with him. She said her family, too, pushed her for reconciliation, not knowing that she had been divorced.

She said she finally refused him and told her family that he had divorced her and that she could not return to his house. On Monday, she said, Hussain entered her parents’ house along with two men and beat her. He then threw acid at her and kept shouting that it was “a punishment for her arrogance”. She said he also cursed her for making the divorce public and refusing to return to him.

She was taken to Burewala tehsil headquarters hospital, where doctors said that she had 50 per cent burns. From there, she was shifted to Vehari district headquarters hospital, where she was said to be in critical condition.

Eye specialist Ghulam Hussain Atif at the DHQ Hospital told The Express Tribune that doctors were trying their best to save her eyes. He said he feared she might lose her eyesight.

An FIR has been registered on her father’s complaint. District Police Officer Sadiq Ali Dogar said the suspect was arrested on his way to Lahore. He said the two other suspects nominated in the FIR were yet to be arrested.

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