February 3, 2014

I'm Baaack! Boy Have I Missed You... ♥

I missed you... ♥

Hello Hello Hello everybody!!! I'M BACK.... So sorry I've been MIA and made you worry. Believe me, it was not intentional. It has been one heck of a crazy two weeks for me, physically emotionally and spiritually. This last Full Moon seriously packed a punch. I can't tell you how happy I was when the New Moon arrived and I was finally able to just rest. I also give God all the glory for seeing me through. I could not have made it through this period without Him. I was thrown in the fiery furnace through challenges I faced caused by dark forces, but I stood strong in the Lord and came out unharmed with not a hair on my head singed. The Lord never left my side and guided me through. Before you ask, I'm sorry but I don't really feel like sharing the details of my ordeals right now. They're behind me now and all I want is to move on. I'll share my testimony with you at a later date.

Let's just say... it's one thing for the dark forces to come after me. But when the dark forces started to go after my mom, they had another thing coming... the fierce love of a daughter. They had no idea I would go through the fiery furnace for my mom. I became my mom's intercessor. What the dark forces meant for evil in my life directly or indirectly, God turned the situations around for my good. I learned so many new skills and knowledge I wouldn't have if this didn't happen. I felt like God's 'karate kid' and now looking back, I'm filled with so much gratitude for everyone watching over me in the spirit realm. It was another one of those situations where the devil said, "checkmate". Then Almighty God and all of heaven stepped in front of me and said, "I don't think so. The KING has the last move." ♥

Okay, I have a lot of catching up to do where the world is concerned and will be sharing the news with you accordingly. I hope all is going well in your personal worlds. Sending you lot's of LOVE and giving you a great BIG HUG! :D
Thinking of you always... ♥

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