January 9, 2014

Liberalism vs. Socialism Explained Simply RE-POST From 9/28/10

I'd like to share an exchange I had with a Facebook friend this evening. I posted a prediction I received from a Facebook application and was trying to be funny about the prediction.

My prediction: Josette sweetie, let the passion in you come out, you could be pleasantly surprised.

Josette: Wow... you mean I'm not feeling or showing enough lol ;) There's actually MORE in me! I'm going to need to meditate on this and allow it to surface from deep in my spirit.

Donald: Yea, and then your going to go out and bitch slap some liberal....Show the love baby...LOL

Josette: Oh no Donald, I would never do that. My mom is a liberal. I think you mean to say a SOCIALIST, you know those deceivers who have HIJACKED the term liberal. :)

Donald: Call them what you want, just don't call them one of us.

Josette: Well I feel the need to distinguish the two since society is intent on using labels... we should call them what they are... MARXIST/SOCIALIST. If they don't want to be truthful and come out of the socialist closet, well I am going to help them.

Josette: My mom is a liberal and insist on still calling herself a liberal based on the TRUE MEANING of the word = FREEDOM to live your life as you see fit and be responsible for your own choices! and my mom has been a member of the T.E.A. party movement with me.

Donald: Then your mother is a Libertarian in reality. I believe that is the basis of their beliefs.

Josette: No she is a liberal. People have the wrong idea of what liberal actually means because of these marxist socialist CLONES that have hijacked the term. But I was born into and raised in a very liberal household and environment and liberal means how I described it. Liberals don't want the State (government) nor Church (religion) to MANDATE how they should live their lives. That is a personal choice and should remain that way while remaining a law abiding citizen and respecting our neighbors. The life a person leads is between the INDIVIDUAL and God (the Source of all living things). That is who the person ultimately answers to in the end. We are born into this world ALONE and go out of this world ALONE. Plus, Liberals are hard working, self-sufficient Americans and don't like the government dipping into or taking away their "accumulated" wealth.

Josette: MARXIST SOCIALIST CLONES on the other hand think in terms of the COLLECTIVE. They are willing to give up their civil liberties (THEIR "PERSONAL" or "INDIVIDUAL" FREEDOM) in order for the government to DICTATE how every citizen should live their lives. Marxist socialist clones want to spread the wealth and make everyone equal in poverty and give the State complete power over everyones lives! In their TWISTED MINDS, they honestly believe it is to IMPROVE the welfare of the Nation as a whole. Boy are they sadly mistaken! This is the road that leads to SERFDOM!

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