December 17, 2013

2013 Gemini Full Moon Tuesday December 17th. I Have To Share This With You. I Love How Dale Combines Her Spirit Guides Storytelling With Astrology :)

17 December 2013 at 4.29am EST
1.29am PST and 9.29am GMT
written by Dale Osadchuk
[source: Crystal Wind]

As Snowy Owl and Shooting Star climbed the path to the Star Temple they noticed Evening Star shining brightly low on the western horizon. The sisters knew she must be an important part of this Full Moon celebration as she had been at the last Full Moon. Her message then still echoed in their minds. Evening Star had said “In the faraway time, at Winter Solstice in the north, I will begin a backward journey into the Underworld. The purpose of this journey is for the two leggeds to find their authentic self and discover their Spiritual Power. Not everyone will be willing to go on this journey for it requires surrender of the ego. But for those who do there will be many blessings”. Snowy Owl and Shooting Star knew that backward journey would begin in four sunrises.

When the two young women settled in the center of the Star Temple the dark night sky was clear as the Cloud People were nowhere to be seen. Snowy Owl and Shooting Star watched as Sister Moon in her silver glory climbed higher into the night. Here in the North Country the air was very cold and there was a rainbow aura around Luna. As always the sisters felt a connection to the mystical when Sister Moon was in her full face. This night that was especially true.

Sister Moon spoke “The Wandering One who is my guide for this lunation is Hermes Thoth, the holder of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom. In the far away time he is called Mercury, the messenger. He is a symbol for the thinking mind and that is what has gotten the two leggeds into trouble. They have forgotten how to listen to their intuitive knowing. The gift of this Full Moon is for each human to reconnect to Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom and let that guide their lives. As Evening Star said the purpose of her journey into the Underworld is to lead the two leggeds to find their authentic selves and discover their Spiritual Power. She too is my guide at this Full Moon. When she goes on her Underworld journey she will evoke the Ancient Power and Wisdom of the Goddess Tradition. Be ready to take that journey with her and you will forever be changed.”

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star felt the power of Sister Moon’s message. They were ready to take the journey into the Underworld as Evening Star made her transformation to Morning Star. She would then rise before Grandfather Sun and be known as Spiritual Warrior and Bringer of the Light.

On the surface the planetary dance at this Full Moon seems quite light and pleasant. There are trines (ease and flow) and sextiles (ease and opportunity) but when you look below the surface there is a much deeper message. Mercury in Sagittarius rules the Gemini Moon and Jupiter in Cancer rules the Sagittarius Sun. The problem is they are in an inconjunct aspect at this Lunation. That is the aspect of tension and confusion. Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Cancer both ask us to focus on our Spiritual Vision and Spiritual Destiny Path. The problem with the inconjunct is we may be feeling confused about exactly what that is at this time. If that is the case for you do not try to sort out the question “what is my Soul Purpose Path?” at this Full Moon. That will be the theme for the Venus in Capricorn Retrograde journey Dec 21, 2013 to Jan 31, 2014. Venus in Capricorn is the Soul Centered ruler for the Gemini Moon. We will describe her influence on this Lunation shortly.

In the astrological system there are major aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition) that influence us harmoniously or challenge us to grow. In current day astrological interpretation many astrologers read what are known as the “minor aspects”. For example the inconjunct aspect (150 degree separation) we talked about (between Mercury and Jupiter) is commonly used to interpret the planetary dance at any given time. It is considered a “minor aspect” but also seen as having a powerful influence creating a need to release the old and embrace the new.

There is another “minor aspect” playing its part at this Full Moon. It is called a Nonagen or Novile. The angle formed between planets is 38 to 42 degrees. Astrologers who work with this aspect consider it to be karmic and linked to what needs to be transformed from the past in this lifetime and past lives. Some even describe it as an aspect of bondage related to the past that keeps us stuck in the old patterns. This Full Moon planetary dance is the opportunity to break free.

The distance between Mercury in Sagittarius (traditional ruler of Gemini) and Venus in Capricorn (Soul Centered ruler of Gemini) is 39 degrees so the aspect formed is the Nonagen. The Karma here is to let go of doctrines and dogma that keep us stuck in old belief systems that prevent us from living our truth. The Animal Totems who guide us are Owl (the wisdom to see through deception) for Mercury in Sagittarius, and Snow Goose (following your dreams and vision) for Venus in Capricorn. Snow Goose will also be our guide for the Venus journey into the Underworld.

The distance between Venus in Capricorn (society’s structures and rules) and Chiron in Pisces (healing the world wound) is 40 degrees so the aspect formed between the harmonizer (Venus) and the healer (Chiron) is the Nonagen. The Karma here is to heal our own wounds so we become Wayshowers for others and help the world heal. The Animal Totems for Pisces are Cougar (coming into your Spiritual Power) and Wolf (the Spiritual Teacher). Chiron is sextile (new pathways) the South Node in Taurus (releasing the past) and trine (removal of obstacles) the North Node in Scorpio (transformed new directions). The Animal Totem for Taurus is Beaver (releasing the past and building the new) and for Scorpio it is Snake (transformation and rebirth).

Powerful breakthrough energies are ours to embrace at this Full Moon. Uranus in Aries (breaking free to the authentic self) begins his forward motion at 12.40pm EST today. He has been retrograde for the past five months giving us all the opportunity to identify what prevents us from being our true selves. Now Uranus adds his energy to the theme the Nonagen aspects have activated. We all have the opportunity to reconnect consciously with the Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom that our Soul carries and heal and release the past.

The Animal Totem for the Moon in Gemini is Deer, sensitivity, compassion and Love. For the Sun in Sagittarius the Totems are Elk, strength of community, and Owl, wise perception. Sometimes we need to step out of the safety of community to discover our authentic self. That is the theme of this Gemini Full Moon. The Clan Mother for the Gemini Moon is Storyteller. She is the guardian of speaking the truth with compassion and supports us on the journey as we create our new story. For the Sun in Sagittarius the Clan Mother is Gives Praise. She teaches us to be grateful for all our life experiences that help us grow and live our truth. More of their stories can be found in the 13 Original Clan Mothers and Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.

Moon in Gemini activates the Tarot Constellation of The Lovers; Relationship and Choice. That will also be the theme for the Venus in Capricorn retrograde journey. Capricorn is also found on this Tarot Constellation. The Sun in Sagittarius activates the Tarot Constellation of the Hierophant, the principle of learning and teaching. As we learn our life lessons we become wise teachers for others.

Gemini is only found on the 2nd Ray of Divine Love and Wisdom. It is the Ray of Compassion for all. Archangels Jophiel, creative power and vision, and Constance Christine, illumination, are our guides. Sagittarius is found on the 4th Ray of Harmony Through Conflict or Beauty and Peace with Archangels Gabriel, transformation and resurrection, and Hope, renewal, guiding us. It is the Ray of humanity. Also it is active on the 5th Ray of Knowledge and Healing with Archangels Raphael, the shinning one who heals, and Mary, unconditional love. It is the Ray of current humanity. Finally Sagittarius is found on the 6th Ray of Idealism and Devotion, with Archangels Uriel, peace and love, and Aurora Grace, harmony. It is the Ray of the vegetable kingdom.

We have included insights about Solstice and the Venus in Capricorn retrograde journey in the outline below. As we said this Full Moon appears gentle on the surface. But when you look deeper you can see the wonderful healing blessings available to us all.

Happy Solstice and holiday blessings to all,


Here is the outline for the Moon phases and the days she changes signs. All times are 75 west longitude EST. A more detailed description is posted every day or so on my Facebook Timeline. Just send me a friend request and I will add you to my list of friends so you can access the posts. Sorry to all my Moon List people I still cannot send out the articles. You can also access the articles on

Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon- Dec 17- 4.29am EST- Focus on sharing meaningful communication in a wisdom way

Uranus moves direct- Dec 17- 12.40pm EST- Uranus has been retrograde since July 17. You may feel the need to break free from the issues you have been dealing with since then. Uranus is impulsive so wait a few days to act.

Moon enters Cancer- Dec 17- 1.17pm EST- Focus on your Spiritual Destiny Path

Moon enters Leo- Dec 20- 1.48am EST- Focus on your creative expression

Leo Disseminating Moon Phase- Dec 21- 7.45am EST to Dec 25- 8.47am EST- Share your creative ideas with others who are receptive

Sun enters Capricorn and Winter Solstice- 12.11pm EST- This is the Earth Renewal Time in the northern hemisphere with White Buffalo, prayer, right action and abundance as your guide until Spring Equinox. For the southern hemisphere this is Summer Solstice, the Hot Sun Time with Coyote, expansion, growth, and trickery as your guide until Autumn Equinox. Astrologically this is the month of Capricorn, Soul Purpose Path.

Venus in Capricorn turns retrograde- Dec 21- 4.53pm EST to Jan 31, 2014- 3.49pm EST- Venus is the planet of love and creative expression. While she is in Capricorn, especially during the retrograde, she asks us to look deeply within and revision our Soul Purpose Path. She also asks us to redefine and realign our relationship experience.

Moon enters Virgo- Dec 22- 2.19pm EST- Focus on healing your spirit

Mercury enters Capricorn- Dec 24- 5.12am EST to Jan 11, 2014- 4.35pm EST- Focus on your Soul Purpose Path

Moon enters Libra- Dec 25- 1.17am EST- Focus on relationship and balance between self and others

Libra Fourth Quarter Moon Phase- Dec 25- 8.48am EST to Dec 29- 12.18am EST- Redefine and realign your relationship vision especially the one to self

Moon enters Scorpio- Dec 27- 8.58am EST- Focus on healing and transformation

Scorpio Balsamic Moon Phase- Dec 29- 12.18am EST to Jan 01, 2014- 6.15am EST- This completes the first part of the lessons of the Scorpio New Moon of Nov 03, release what no longer serves you. Because that was a Solar Eclipse we will be working with that theme until April 29, 2014

Moon enters Sagittarius- Dec 29- 12.37pm EST-Focus on your Spiritual Vision and your truth

Moon enters Capricorn- Dec 31- 1.01pm EST-Focus on your Soul Purpose gifts to give

Capricorn Super New Moon- Jan 01, 2014- 6.15am EST- Super Moon’s are very potent. This is an amazing start to 2014. Snow Goose, following your dreams, is our guide. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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