November 4, 2013

USA: BREAKTHROUGH: 3 Benghazi Survivors WILL Testify Before Congress

Capitalism Institute
written by Staff
Friday November 1, 2013

Lindsey Graham is notorious for being a RINO who is constantly stabbing the Tea Party and liberty movement in the back. But even a broken clock is right twice a day as Graham has announced that he has arranged 3 Benghazi survivors to testify before congress this month.

Graham has continued to threaten to hold up Obama’s nominees unless congress could get to the witnesses. The State Department and the FBI have continued to make up excuses as to why the witnesses can’t be questioned.

The real reason for the holdup, of course, is that everything Obama has said about Benghazi was a lie that has more than enough information to impeach him and prosecute Hillary for a felony. reported:
“New details about what took place on the night of the Benghazi terror attack more than a year ago may come to light when witnesses who were on the ground during the assault meet with congressional lawmakers later this month.

Three CIA employees who were eyewitness to the attack are expected to testify in a closed-door session before the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations during the week of November 11, sources told Fox News on Thursday.”
Spread this on Facebook and Twitter… the truth about Benghazi is going to get out, and justice WILL be served.

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