November 24, 2013

POEM: I Did The Best I Could Today. Beautifully Expressed... ♥

I Did The Best I Could Today
written by Wendy Box

I did the best I could today;
I stumbled and I fell;
I cried and I yelled;
But I didn't stay down;
I released the pain, through tears;
I prayed to my God for strength to go on;
Then I dusted myself off and finished the day;
I know it's all as it should be;
For my God knows exactly what I need;
I will sleep tonight in comfort;
In peace and harmony;
Because today, I did the best I could;
And that's good enough for me!

Sleep in the arms of the Angels my friends;
Hope all is well with you each and everyone;
Sweet Dreams
(((hugs & love)))

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