November 17, 2013

Clarity and Purpose By Tony Robbins

I love this man! His books, tapes and videos served as a personal life coach for me in my 20's. I still reference back to them when I need them. But the lessons learned are pretty much engraved in my mind, heart and spirit. :)

I'd like to share this AWESOME message with all of you. Tony Robbins is one of the BEST personal LIFE coaches you'll ever have. By this I mean he'll always be there when you need him. He's a video or CD away and you can replay his messages however many times you need to until you get it. There will be many times when you will not get the moral support you need from your family or close friends during those critical times in your life. You will need an alternative motivator to help you get through the dark nights of the soul. I still enjoy listening to him even after it being almost 20 years. Wow time sure flies lol ;) Whenever I need to get focused or pumped up, I watch a video or pop in one of his CD's. It always works. :D

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