November 17, 2013

2013 Taurus Full Moon Sunday Nov 17; I Love How She Combines Her Spirit Guides Storytelling With Astrology :)

2013 Taurus Full Moon
17 November 2013 at 10.17am EST
7.17am PST and 3.17pm GMT
written by Dale Osadchuk
[source: Crystal Wind]

As Snowy Owl and Shooting Star entered the Star Temple the western horizon was ablaze with orange and gold. Grandfather Sun had just set and his rays cast the brilliant colours. The sisters could see one of The Wanderers shining in the twilight low on the horizon. They knew it must be Evening Star. As soon as that thought crossed their minds Sister Moon who was rising in the east spoke. “Evening Star is your guide at this Full Moon celebration. I will let her tell you the message for all to hear.”

Sister Moon fell silent but her presence was very powerful as her round face had a golden glow. Later when she climbed higher in the night sky her face would become silver but for now the rays of Grandfather Sun caused her golden colour.

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star heard a clear voice coming from the west direction. Evening Star spoke “In the faraway time, at Winter Solstice in the north, I will begin a backward journey into the Underworld. The purpose of this journey is for the twoleggeds to find their authentic self and discover their Spiritual Power. Not everyone will be willing to go on this journey for it requires surrender of the ego. But for those who do there will be many blessings. The reason Sister Moon and I are sharing this message now is for the two of you to fly to the far away time and be guides for those who are willing to take this journey with me. This Full Moon is an initiation and the first step to breaking free the authentic self. Please go and share this message with all who are ready.”

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star hurried to put on their magic capes so they could fly to the far away time to guide those people who were ready to begin the journey.

Full Moons are always visually inspiring. Sister Moon shines her lovely light on all of the Earth Mother’s kingdoms. When she visits Taurus she reminds the human kingdom what a beautiful world we are privileged to inhabit. Sometimes the twoleggeds (as our stories call humans) forget to appreciate the gift of living on this most precious planet. That is what this Full Moon is asking us to do. Show appreciation for all we have in our lives.

The key phrase for Taurus is “I Have”. It is the sign associated with self worth, a love of beauty, personal assets and resources. Its opposite sign Scorpio’s key phrase is “I desire”. It is the sign associated with passion, death, transformation and rebirth. It is also associated with other people’s resources and joint resources. This Taurus Full Moon completes the lessons we have been working on since the Taurus New Moon Eclipse of May 09, 2013. The theme has been to identify what is of true value and importance in our lives and release the rest. So ask yourself are you done with that or are you still hanging on to what no longer serves you? Taurus and Scorpio are both security oriented and have difficulty letting go of what is perceived as safe when that may be an illusion. This Full Moon is about releasing dependence on outer security and becoming self empowered. Taurus rules the throat chakra so it is also about speaking our truth.

Venus is the ruler for the Moon in Taurus. She is associated with beauty and love. That comes from Roman mythology but is a superficial interpretation. Venus comes from a lineage of very powerful Goddesses. Aphrodite and Persephone (Greek) Isis (Egyptian) Ishtar (Babylonian) and Inanna (Sumerian) just to name a few are her ancestors. They all are symbols of inner power but only after they experienced a journey into the underworld and were able to release the old way of being and conquer their fears. As our story tells us the planet Venus will take us on that journey into the Underworld in January 2014. The theme will be releasing fears that prevent us from living our Soul Purpose and being in our Spiritual Power. Venus will be retrograde Dec 21, 2013 to Jan 31, 2014 and will ask us to do deep healing so those fears will be released.

At this Taurus Full Moon Venus is at 11 degrees Capricorn and already guiding us to begin that journey. She is travelling with Pluto who is at 09 degrees Capricorn and the ruler of the Sun in Scorpio. So the two rulers of this Full Moon are travelling side by side and giving us the opportunity to begin the journey to being fully empowered in the world. They both are working in sextile (harmony and new opportunities) with Mercury (our thoughts and perceptions) the North Node (new directions) and Saturn (secure foundation) in Scorpio (transformation). They are sextile Chiron in Pisces (healing our Spirits) and trine the South Node in Taurus (releasing the past). They are square (finding new ways of doing things) Uranus in Aries (breaking through to the authentic self). Even the square is beneficial. So the planets are really supporting us to find our inner power and live from that place.

Beaver is the Animal Totem for the Moon in Taurus. This Four Legged is a symbol for building the new. Beaver always knows when it is time to leave the cluttered old lodge, swim downstream, and build the new lodge. At this Full Moon clearing the physical, mental, and emotional clutter from our lives is being supported by the planetary dance. For the Sun in Scorpio the Animal Totem who guides us is Snake, shedding the old. The Sacred Animal for Scorpio is the Phoenix, rising from the ashes and being re-born. For Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, the rulers of this Full Moon, the Animal Totem is Snow Goose, following your dreams and Spiritual Vision. The Sacred Animal for Capricorn is the Unicorn, connecting to the Mystical.

The Clan Mother for Taurus is Listening Woman. She is the Guardian of The Stillness and the sacred point of view of all life. She teaches us to listen and be open to hearing the truth. She also teaches us to listen to our inner knowing. For Scorpio the Clan Mother is Walks Tall Woman. She is the Guardian of Walking Our Truth and the Keeper of New Pathways. She teaches us to live our life with integrity. For Venus and Pluto in Capricorn the Clan Mother is Talks With Relations. She is the Guardian of Right Relationship with all Great Mystery has created. She teaches us to honour the truth of all things. She is the guide while Venus visits Capricorn (Nov 05, 2013 to Mar 05, 2014) and will support our journey into the Underworld in January 2014. For more of these 3 Clan Mothers’ stories see the 13 Original Clan Mothers and Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.

This Full Moon activates two Tarot Constellations. Taurus is found on the Constellation of The Hierophant: the principle of learning and teaching. Once we learn our lessons we then become Wise Teachers for others. Sagittarius is also found on this Constellation and is the principle of sharing our knowledge and wisdom. The only energy in Sagittarius at this Full Moon is Vulcan. He is a symbol of our hidden wounds. Scorpio is found on the Constellation of The Emperor: the principle of life force and the realization of power. Once we do our healing of our hidden wounds we find our Spiritual Power. The planet Uranus and the sign of Aries are also found on this Constellation. So interesting that Uranus in Aries is a major planetary player at this Full Moon as he squares (breaking free to the authentic self) the two rulers Pluto and Venus in Capricorn (finding our authentic power in the world).

Taurus and Scorpio are found on the Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict. It is the Ray of humanity. We all know our species thrives on conflict. But this is also the Ray of Beauty and Peace. We have some challenging activations coming up in the next few months so let us all choose to walk through focused on beauty and peace. The Archangels who guide us at this Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon are Gabriel, transformation and resurrection, and Hope, optimism and renewal.

I wish all of you a powerful transformation at this Full Moon. If you are interested in discovering how the energies of Venus Retrograde and the year 2014 are influencing you I am available for astrology sessions in person or by phone. You can contact me at for more information.

~Blessings Dale

Here is the outline for the Moon phases and the days she changes sign until the Sagittarius New Moon of Dec 02. All times are 75 west longitude EST. A more detailed description is posted every day or so on my Facebook Timeline. Just send me a friend request and I will add you to my list of friends so you can access the posts. Sorry to all my Moon List people I still cannot send out the articles.

Moon enters Gemini- Nov 17- 7.07pm EST- Focus on balancing your logical mind through intuitive knowing and guidance

Chiron in Pisces moves direct- Nov 19- 8.07am EST- Chiron has been retrograde since June 16. We now have the chance to complete and release what we have been working on since then.

Moon enters Cancer- Nov 20- 6.23am EST- Focus on your Spiritual Destiny Path.

Cancer Disseminating Moon Phase- Nov 21- 11.38am EST to Nov 25- 2.28pm EST- Share your spiritual knowledge and wisdom with those who are ready to receive

Sun enters Sagittarius- Nov 21- 10.48pm EST to Dec 21- 12.11pm EST- In the northern hemisphere we now enter the Long Nights and Long Snows Time. Focus on your Spiritual Vision and living your truth. Elk, community, and Owl, wisdom, are our guides. In the southern hemisphere this is the Flowering Time with Deer, compassionate love, as your guide.

Moon enters Leo- Nov 22- 6.56pm EST- Focus on your creative vision and being in the compassionate heart

Moon enters Virgo- Nov 25- 7.11am EST- Focus on mind, body, spirit healing and integration

Virgo Fourth Quarter Moon Phase- Nov 25- 2.28pm EST to Nov 29- 10.01am EST- Focus on realignment and revision of your Spiritual Vision and Service

Moon enters Libra- Nov 27- 5.00pm EST- Focus on balance within the self and in relationship

Libra Balsamic Moon Phase- Nov 29- 10.01am EST to Dec 02- 7.23pm EST- Focus on healing, forgiveness, completion and release especially regarding relationship

Moon enters Scorpio- Nov 29- 11.03pm EST- Focus on transformation and letting go of what no longer serves you

Moon enters Sagittarius- Dec 02- 1.31am EST- Sagittarius New Moon-7.23pm EST- Focus on your Spiritual Vision and living your Truth

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