October 24, 2013

YEMEN: Muslim Father Burns 15-Year-Old Daughter To Death (Honor Killing) After She Was Caught Talking To Her Fiance On The Phone

Bare Naked Islam
written by Staff
Wednesday October 23, 2013
Police said the man was arrested after the teenager’s death in a village in the central Taiz province of Yemen. From a police statement: “The father committed this heinous crime on the pretext that his daughter had been keeping contacts with her fiance.”

[UK Mirror 10/23/2013]  Traditional tribal customs in parts of Yemen ban contacts between men and women before marriage. Poverty and concern about “family honour” prompts many Yemenis to marry off their daughters young, often below the age of 18, a practice that has been criticised by international rights groups.

The death has sparked further outrage in Yemen, where an eight-year girl died from internal bleeding on her wedding night a month ago.

Authorities said last month they were investigating the girl’s death in northern Yemen, and that they would prosecute those responsible. Recent figures showed that more than a quarter of Yemen’s females marry before they reach the age 15.

A law was introduced in Yemen which set the minimum age of a bride at 17. However, it was ditched in 2009 after lawmakers said it was ‘un-Islamic’.

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