October 2, 2013

SOMALIA: Somali-Canadian Beheaded His Four Young Sons Ages 11, 9, 7 and 6. >:/

Atlas Shrugs
written by Pamela Geller
Wednesday October 2, 2013

More of the wonders of immigration from jihad nations. Get this: "the children had never been to Canada, but had Canadian citizenship through her estranged husband." Nuts.
Somali Canadian beheads 4 sons in Somalia Blazing Cat Fur, October 2, 2013 (thanks to Armaros)

"TORONTO - Somali police have arrested a Somali-Canadian for allegedly beheading his four young sons.

Omar Hassan's estranged wife told The Canadian Press early Wednesday that the children, ages 11, 9, 7 and 6 were killed by their father on Monday. Qadra Addawe said Hassan, 60, was a taxi driver in Calgary and had returned home a few months ago.

She said the children had never been to Canada, but had Canadian citizenship through her estranged husband, who had migrated to Canada 30 years ago.

"They were born in Kenya, but they were Canadian because the father was Canadian," she said.

The murders happened in the central Somali town of Beledweyne, about 330 kilometres north of the capital Mogadishu. Addawe, 29, says she does not know the motive for the murders, but insists Hassan was mentally stable."

"He had some health problems, but he had no mental problems."

Addawe said her own efforts to migrate to Canada had been unsuccessful."
How can you be a Canadian citizen but have never been to Canada? Note there's 3 separate links to 3 different variants of the CP story. Comments at the CBC are interesting.

Amazing if true. So Omar comes to Canada 30 years ago and receives Canadian citizenship.

Omar goes to Kenya and hooks up with a then 18 year old bride - at least 11 years ago based on the age of the eldest child.

Omar fathers 4 children in Kenya with said bride.

Omar's 4 children are granted Canadian citizenship - assuming the citizenship statement related in the story is true, but Omar's children never set foot in Canada. From reader Bill: The "first generation" clause is here. Three years in Canada and it guarantees Canadian citizenship for you and your kids for the next century. Link

Omar's wife is denied landed immigrant status.

I wonder what if any Canadian child benefits were received by Omar's family over the years?

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