October 17, 2013

FINLAND: Swedish Multimillionaire Slapped With $130,000 Speeding Ticket — Because He’s Rich :o

NY Daily News
written by Lee Moran
Tuesday October 15, 2013

A Swedish multimillionaire has been fined $130,000 for speeding — because he is so rich.

Businessman Anders Wiklof was busted doing 77 kilometers per hour in a 50 kilometers per hour zone — or about 48 mph in a 30 mph zone — when driving in neighboring Scandinavian nation Finland's islands of Aland.

Had he been caught in Sweden, he would have faced a $615 penalty.

But fines in Finland are issued based on the driver's wealth - and with Wiklof having so much cash, he was hit with the much heftier fee.

The 67-year-old accepted he was "in the wrong" for breaking the speed limit. But he claimed the fine was "unreasonable."

"I'd rather put that money on the elderly, health, day care or whatever," he told Ålandstidningen.

"I have only myself to blame, but one can question whether it is fair. There should be a ceiling, it'd be more fair. Where to put it I do not know, but as it is now, it's unreasonable."

Wiklof, one of the most influential and rich people in Aland, made his fortune as the owner of a holding company.

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