September 23, 2013

EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera Threaten Christians to Repudiate Jizya Reports

Raymond Ibrahim
written by Raymond Ibrahim
Friday September 13, 2013

Following news that the Muslim Brotherhood has revived the practice of collecting tribute from conquered “infidels”—that is, collecting jizya from Egypt’s Coptic Christians in the village of Dalga, first reported on this site—according to a new report published today by the popular Egyptian newspaper Youm7:
The Muslim Brotherhood is passing by the homes of the Copts in the village, accompanied by Al Jazeera photographers, forcing them to record interviews with them saying that they are safe in the village, and that what was published by the ‘pro-government media’ [about jizya collection] is not true.
The Brotherhood working hand-in-hand with Al Jazeera to disseminate falsehoods in their interest is, of course, nothing new. Earlier, for example, Al Jazeera aired a video of a Brotherhood member supposedly killed by Egyptian security forces who, nonetheless, appeared to “come alive” right before the recording stopped.

Moreover, Fr. Ayoub, the priest of the local church in Dalga, confirmed that the situation is dangerous, that the Brotherhood is in charge of the village, and that the Copts are indeed being threatened with violence to pay jizya.

[source: The Religion of Peace]

Question: Does Islam require people of other faiths to pay money to support the Muslim religion?

Summary Answer: Absolutely. Muhammad very clearly established that people of other religions have to pay a poll tax to Muslims called the jizya as a reminder of their inferior status. This abrogates an earlier verse stating that there is "no compulsion in religion" and destroys any pretense that Islam is merely a religion and not a political system.

The Qur'an:

Qur'an (9:29) - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

From the Hadith:

Muslim (19:4294) - There are many places in the hadith where Muhammad tells his followers to demand the jizya of non-believers. Here he lays down the rule that it is to be extorted by force: "If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah's help and fight them"

Bukhari (53:386) - The command for Muslims to spread Islamic rule by force, subjugating others until they either convert to Islam or pay money, is eternal: Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya (i.e. tribute); and our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:-- "Whoever amongst us is killed (i.e. martyred), shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever amongst us remain alive, shall become your master." This is being recounted during the reign of Umar, Muhammad's companion and the second caliph who sent conquering armies into non-Muslim Persian and Christian lands (after Muhammad's death).

Ishaq 956 & 962 - "He who withholds the Jizya is an enemy of Allah and His apostle." The words of Muhammad.
Christian Today
written by Staff
Saturday September 14, 2013

Two Coptic Christian government employees have been shot dead for refusing to pay Jizya, the Muslim poll tax on Christians.

According to a story by Mary Abdelmassih for the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), Emad Damian, 50, and his cousin Medhat Damian, 37, from the village of Sahel Selim in Assuit Province, were contacted two days before their murder by the leader of a Muslim gang.

He was identified by Watany Coptic Newspaper as Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed Khalajah, a registered criminal from the village.

According to Emad's brother Dr. Samy Damian, Emad was contacted about 9:30 PM by a member of the gang, who demanded 10,000 Egyptian pounds so that he could buy weapons.

He said, "My brother said that he had no problems with anyone, does not require services from anyone, and does not have the money."

In an interview on Al Nahar TV Channel on Sept. 12, Ahmed Fawzi, secretary for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, said the two murdered Copts, who were members of his political party, reported the matter to the police in Sahel Selim and asked for police protection.

However, AINA reported he said, t he police did nothing.

"A couple of days later the gang surprised the two Copts by going to their home in the morning and showering them with bullets, leaving both dead," Fawzi said. "The police know who the killers are but are doing nothing to arrest them."

The districts of Sahel Selim and Ghanayem are the most dangerous areas in Assuit, and their police stations were heavily shelled by the Muslim Brotherhood on Aug. 14.

Meanwhile, the security situation remains tense in the village of Delga, Deir Mawas, 160 miles south of Cairo in Minya.

AINA said Muslim Brotherhood gangs completely control the village after the ouster of former President Morsi. They target the 20,000 Coptic inhabitants by imposing Jizya on them, allegedly to "safeguard" them from acts of violence and vandalism to their homes and shops.

Despite the arrival last week of a new director of security in the province, the scene is still grim for many.

Rev. Youannas Shawky, pastor of the Monastery of Our Lady and Saint Ebram in Delga, which was completely destroyed on July 3 by pro-Morsi supporters said the practice of collecting Jizya from Copts started after Morsi's departure.

He said it continues to be levied on all Copts in the village without exception, pointing out that the value of the tribute and methods of payment vary from one place to another within the village.

The amount varies from 200-500 Egyptian pounds daily, which are exorbitant amounts to many villagers. Shawky estimated 50 families have left the village so far.

AINA said many Egyptian activists have sounded the alarm on what is happening to Christians.

In an open letter to the Egyptian provisional government, AINA reported prominent journalist Fatma Nahoot said, "Where is the government, the Interior Minister and General al-Sisi on what is happening to the Copts in Minya, including harassment, murder, intimidation, displacement and imposing Jizya on them?"

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