May 24, 2013

USA: President Obama Gave A Long Winded 1 Hour Speech At The National Defense University On Thursday And Staged An Interruption By His Good Friend And Long Time Supporter Code Pink. Event Not Open To Public. She Was Given Media Access.

This is Medea Benjamin, Code Pink co-founder and look she wore business attire.
WASHINGTON DC 20319-5066
23 MAY 2013


The individual who continued to attempt to interrupt the President’s speech at the National Defense University was given access via the list of media attendees expected. When it was apparent this individual would not be deterred by the President’s effort to address her concerns, officials from the National Defense University staff and Base Police asked her to leave and escorted her from the venue. She has been questioned by Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall police.

This speech was not open to the general public. Attendance for non-media was limited to invited guests from the National Defense University faculty, staff, and student body, along with those invited by the White House.

Please address any additional questions to the White House Press Office.
President Obama's staged heckler was given a press pass by one of these media outlets with President Obama's knowledge and consent. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

As @HarrietBaldwin so poignantly tweeted: "Why did he keep calling her "ma'am?" He has met her on several occasions."

and @Redsteez tweeted: "Interesting how not a single person in that room recognized the head of Code Pink made it into that room."
PJ Tatler
written by Bryan Preston
Thursday May 23, 2013
During his wide-ranging speech today on terrorists, Gitmo and what’s left of the war, President Obama was heckled by Code Pink. Tweeters praised him for deftly handling his heckler. He may have handled it so well because he has long been friends with his “heckler.”

Here he is in a photo from 2009. The woman in his arm is Jodie Evans, Obama donor and founder of Code Pink.
Code Pink has consistently agitated on behalf of terrorists, and against US policy, through the Bush and Obama administrations. During the heckling today, Obama said that what Code Pink, which has a Fidel Castro supporter among its founders, says is “worth listening to.”
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