May 29, 2013

USA: Pres Obama Finally Made Time To Visit Moore, Oklahoma On Sunday The 26th After It Was Completely Devastated On Monday the 20th

Yeah after he travelled across America giving speech after campaign speech all week and found time to throw a star studded concert at the White House Wednesday night. He's made endless campaigning and WH star-studded parties his priorities. This is more like a photo opportunity for him. He's squeezing in a few hours for the bitter "hicks" he despises so much that cling to their god and guns as he put it. And all of you saw him as the great unifier, when it was obvious he was nothing you "perceived" him to be with that kind of public blatant disrespect for a group of Americans. President Obama set the racially segregated example for his ardent supporters to follow and made it okay to insult Americans that are different from you. This is known as Toxic Leadership. :/
"What is hardest of all? That which seems most simple: to see with your eyes what is before your eyes” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ♥

"Our senses don't deceive us: our judgment does” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Then to prove my point made above, President Obama went to New Jersey on Tuesday to visit the area that was devasted by Hurricane Sandy for another photo opportunity and while giving yet another speech, he referred to Moore, Oklahoma as "MONROE", Oklahoma. Then I noticed that his democratic mouthpieces intentionally started doing the same on tv and referring to Moore, OK as "MONROE", Oklahoma so that the blatant error becomes acceptable to the public on Obama's behalf.

Per President Barack Obama, who during the 2008 campaign famously referred to small town Americans as bitter people clinging to guns and religion, today June 9, 2011 issued an executive order establishing a White House Rural Council. [As part of his re-education agenda. (emphasis mine)]

The Washington Post
written by Scott Wilson
Sunday May 26, 2013

MOORE, Okla. — After days of grieving and cleanup along Eagle Drive, a battered community took a moment to rest Sunday and welcome President Obama, who after walking several blocks of one devastated neighborhood promised that the country would not turn its back on the residents’ recovery.

Speaking at what was until last week the brick campus of Plaza Towers Elementary School, where seven children were killed by the slam of a fearsome tornado, Obama offered equal measures of confidence and solace in the bewildering aftermath.

“This is a strong community with a strong character,” Obama said from the shadow of the school’s ruined classrooms, a 20-foot-high pile of debris behind him. “There is no doubt they will bounce back, but they need help.”

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