May 24, 2013

FYI A New Study Reveals What Islam Means In Different Countries; Muslim Attitudes Towards Sharia Law And Apostasy

The Economist
written by Staff
Tuesday April 30, 2013

A new study reveals what Islam means in different countries.

ISLAMIC law, in many eyes, has overtones of rigid puritanism. Yet some of its staunchest backers are also strong supporters of religious pluralism, reports the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, in a survey of 38,000 Muslims conducted in 39 countries.
In Morocco 78% of respondents think that non-Muslims are very free to practice their faith there, and 79% of those think this is “a good thing”. Yet 83% want sharia enshrined in law. A majority of Thais (77%) and Pakistanis (84%) yearn for Islamic law too. But most also say that other religions are very free to worship (79% and 75% respectively)—and they agree that this is, overwhelmingly, “a good thing”.
Religious freedom, however, is a slippery term, with implications for individuals and for the collective practice of faith. Muslims in some countries both strongly approve of religious freedom—and support the death penalty for apostates from Islam. Three-quarters (75%) of Pakistanis who favour sharia do. Views vary over how sharia should be applied. Tunisian backers, though keen on religious judges (62%), have far less appetite for executing apostates (29%). And those countries where most support sharia are not always its strictest followers. Though around three-quarters (75%) endorse it in both Indonesia and Egypt, less than half of those Indonesians support stoning for adultery; in Egypt, 81% do. Yet 74% of Egyptians who favour sharia also think it should apply to non-Muslims, the highest proportion among polled countries.


The Muslim Issue
written by David French, National Review
Wednesday May 1, 2013

While publications like the Daily Beast and Mother Jones and networks like NPR are exposing the scandal of – gasp – Evangelical adoptions, perhaps they should cover a different religious scandal. Thanks to Jim Geraghty’s must-read Morning Jolt e-mail (subscribe if you haven’t — it’s consistently my favorite read of the day), I ran across this chart from The Economist detailing Muslim attitudes towards sharia law and apostasy: [I posted it above. (emphasis mine)]

Read it and weep. In Egypt, for example, more than 70 percent of the public supports shariah law, and almost 90 percent of those individuals also support executing those who leave Islam. I feel comfortable saying this is a problem, a much, much greater problem than any alleged American “Islamophobia,” and if we turn away from these statistics and believe the fault for continued jihadist bloodshed lies primarily within us — or is primarily the fault of Israel — then we are truly willfully blind.

To be clear, I do not share this chart as evidence of the nature of “true Islam.” Unlike our recent presidents, I don’t claim to understand the religion so deeply as to pontificate on its true nature. In fact, this chart shows considerable diversity of views (if only Egypt were like Kazakhstan), and I know many Muslims who not only are marvelous people but have provided indispensable help in the war against jihadist terror. Instead, I defy anyone to read this and argue that there aren’t deep cultural problems — tied directly to religious belief — in vast and important swathes of the Muslim world.

Whether the Islam of Egypt or Kazakhstan is “true Islam” is a matter to be worked out by Muslims, but the fact remains that it’s not a mere “few extremists” who want to execute apostates, and that mindset is a problem for all of us. It’s not “phobia” to point this out any more than it’s “phobia” to note that Muslim terrorists are responsible for tens of thousands of additional terrorist attacks since 9/11 and for thousands before. Nor is it “phobia” to note the rather obvious fact that a population that overwhelmingly believes in executing apostates might well be fertile ground for recruiting jihadists.

One final note: Two of the worst countries on that chart — Egypt and Pakistan — are also among our largest recipients of military and financial aid. It looks like billions of taxpayer dollars do not, in fact, buy moderation.

Statistics shared below were gathered by the Muslim Issue website.
What is the effect of Muslim immigration on the Western world? Published statistics from government, law enforcement, media research paints a shocking and awakening scenario. Yet it seems our politicians are asleep and not concerned or aware of the dramatic negative impact Muslim immigration has on society, even in small percentage.

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