May 13, 2013

EGYPT: An American Professor Teaching In Egypt Was ‘Stabbed In The Neck’ By An Islamist Egyptian Attacker Just Because He Replied He Was An American

I would like to point out that this and every other Islamist jihadist attack happening every day around the world has NOTHING TO DO with the bullsh*t being peddled by U.S. president Obama, the media, and Islamist “to seek revenge over U.S. policies in the Middle East”.

The Islamist have made clear they are "waging jihad against enemies of Islam" and they hate ALL people on this earth who are not sharia practicing Islamist because "Western education is sinful" which includes ALL non-Islamic people. The sharia practicing Wahhabi Islamist have technically hated all non-Islamist (Infidels) since the early 1900's and have been waging war against ALL infidels since then.

I shared an interview that Egyptian Salafi Cleric Murgan Salem gave on 4/13/2013 where he states quite clearly:
"I am not from Al-Qaeda, I can say, as someone who has known these people that the path of Al-Qaeda is the path of the Koran, which calls upon (Muslims) to wage Jihad against infidels who attack them, and intervene in their affairs. This is the path of Islam and the Koran, and not something invented by Osama Bin Laden. No, it was not invented by Osama or Ayman. It was sent down by Allah, and anyone who thinks he can defeat this path is delusional. Anyone who does not accept Islam. They are either original infidels, like the Jews and Christians, or apostates, like the secularists, liberals, communists or socialists. Whoever does not accept Islam is an infidel. Allah said so, not me. Because the (French) are leading the war against us. What brought France to Mali? Or America to Afghanistan and Iraq? Why don't they let our nation be? Have we ever interfered in their affairs?"
Um "intervene in their affairs" of sending their Islamic militant jihadi's to foreign nations to overthrow governments and impose Islamic sharia law. He and other Islamic Supremacist are pissed off their Islamic militant jihadi soldiers are being stopped from imposing strict sharia law in those countries. Because that my dear friends is what the global Jihadi movement intends to do in every country around the world. And by him saying why don't they let our nation be, he is referring to the "Nation of Islam", not a country.

Do yourself and your family a huge favor and read this page to understand the reality we are up against: From Saudi Arabia Wahhabi Islam to the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood: The roots of Pan-Islamic Jihad and wars in Sudan, Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnya and Egypt

I would like to emphasize that there are muslims all over the world who are freedom loving muslims that do not practice Wahhabi Islamic Sharia Law. These freedom loving muslims are being murdered in cold blood (because they refuse to convert to their man-made Islamic sharia law) by the muslims that practice and want to impose strict sharia law all over the world. The Muslim Brotherhood carries the flame of Wahhabi Islamic Jihad worldwide bankrolled by Saudi Arabia royal family/oil money and Iran mullahs who have accounts set up in Switzerland. It's one big mind game on us.

Why is it a mind game? Because up front the Islamic Theocracies of Saudi Arabia and Iran act like they can't stand each other and act like they have nothing to do with the Islamic militants murdering innocent civilians around the world in order to impose sharia law in a new country. All the while behind the scenes they are BOTH funding the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR), Hamas (CAIR), Hezbollah, Taliban, Al Qaeda and all of their affiliates around the world.

The Blaze
written by Erica Ritz
Satuday May 11, 2013

An American professor is recuperating after being stabbed in the neck in Cairo, diplomatic officials in Egypt say.

Christopher Stone is a scholar-in-residence at the American Research Center (ARCE) in Egypt, on sabbatical from his position as an associate professor of Arabic and head of the Arabic Program at the City University in New York, according to the school’s website.

On Thursday, he was waiting near the U.S. Embassy in Cairo with a fellow ARCE staff member to extend his wife’s visa when an Egyptian approached him, an ARCE message says.

“…the Egyptian attacker approached him and asked, in Arabic, if he was Egyptian or American. Professor Stone answered in Arabic, ‘American,’ whereupon his attacker stabbed him in the neck with a knife. The attack was not provoked,” the notice continues.

The suspect was immediately apprehended by Egyptian security guards and Stone was taken to the hospital. Stone is expected to make a full recovery, and the suspect is in police custody.

The embassy said in a statement Friday that the man stabbed Stone “to seek revenge over U.S. policies in the Middle East” and ”carried out the attack after establishing his victim to be a U.S. citizen.” The statement cited police sources.

There has been an outpouring of support for Stone on social media and at ARCE.

Lebanese political science professor Asaad Abu Khalil described him on Facebook as a “model academic and a man who has dealt with Arabs and their causes with extreme respect, sensitivity, and support,” according to Ahram Online.

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