May 31, 2013

CHINA: China's Highest Court Says No Mercy Will Be Shown to Child Molesters

written by Staff
Thursday May 30, 2013

BEIJING - Child molesters in China will be shown no mercy, the country's highest court said, as a primary school teacher faced a death sentence for raping small girls.

The Supreme People's Court announced it will require local courts to do all they can to protect the rights of minors and severely punish those who sexually abuse children, China Daily reported Thursday.

The decision by the high court comes as public outrage grows over cases of sexual abuse and molestation of children, the report said. The court said it will issue guidelines to local courts after more research.

Experts told China Daily the high court's decision means harsh punishment for those convicted of child molestation in recent cases.

A primary school teacher has been sentenced to death for repeatedly raping and molesting seven female students, ages 9 and 10, from 2004-11, the report said. The students were also forced to watch pornographic videos.

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