April 27, 2013

USA: Moroccan-Born Naturalized US Citizen And Would-Be Synagogue Bomber Gets Five Years in Prison

The Gateway Pundit
written by Mara Zebest
Saturday April 27, 2013

Again, there should be no legislation for illegal immigrants on the table when borders are not proven to be secure.

JihadWatch notes:
The New York Post identifies him only as a “Moroccan.” His accomplice was an “Algerian.” Do you really think that is the salient detail about these men and their plot to bomb synagogues? Did they want to destroy synagogues because they were Moroccan and Algerian? Or could they have had some other reason? Hmm, what could it be?
For those in the liberal media playing at home… it begins with “I” and ends with “slam.”

The NYPost offers more details:
The Boston Marathon explosions were on the minds of officials in Manhattan today as a would-be city synagogue bomber was sentenced to five years prison.

Mohamed Mamdouh, 22, a naturalized citizen from Morocco, had pleaded guilty in a closed-court proceeding last year to conspiracy and weapons possession as crimes of terror; his co-defendant, Algerian citizen Ahmed Ferhani, got a ten-year sentence last month as the scheme’s mastermind.

The two had been taped during an eight-month NYPD undercover operation plotting to throw a grenade into an unspecified synagogue, and to wire multiple bombs to a single detonator so as to blow up several synagogues simultaneously.

Ferhani was arrested in a sting operation on Manhattan’s West Side in May, ’11 as he purchased two operable Browning semi-automatic pistols, one operable Smith and Wesson revolver, ammo and an inert grenade from an undercover. Mamdouh was arrested as he waited a few blocks away.
In an unrelated story out of Miami, there is no bail for a south Florida Pakistani-born man in a terror plot to detonate bombs in New York City with his younger brother. Here’s a picture of these two misunderstanders of Islam.

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