April 20, 2013

Time To Take A Break From The Nonsense Of This World And Laugh Our Hearts Out :) Balance Is The Key To Maintaining Our Sanity.

Benny Hill
January 21, 1924 – April 20, 1992

Alfred Hawthorne Hill, better known by his stage name Benny Hill was an English comedian and actor, notable for his long-running television programme The Benny Hill Show.


I loved watching his tv program growing up and still do when I need a break from this world's nonsense. My friend Dwight just shared Benny Hill's picture on Facebook in rememberance of the day he passed away: April 20, 1992. Thanks for making me laugh Mr. Hill. ♥

This is a great reminder for all of us to take a break and laugh our hearts out. That is what I intend to do right now. LOVE all of you. See you later alligators. :)

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