December 21, 2011

Utah Man Crashes $380,000 Lamborghini Just 6 Hours After Winning Car In Contest! What A MORON!

New York Daily news
written by Nina Mandell
Wednesday December 21, 2011

A contest winner saw his good fortune come to a screeching halt on Sunday when he crashed a brand new $380,000 Lamborghini he won in a local convenience store contest — six hours after he got the keys.

On his first night as a Lambo owner, David Dopp took his new wheels out for a spin on the outskirts of his hometown of Santaquin, Utah. He told KSL-TV that he ran into trouble when he took a curve too fast, hit a patch of ice or gravel, crashed through a fence post and finally landed in a field.

Luckily, besides his pride — and prize, Dopp wasn’t injured.

“My heart pretty much fell out,” Dopp’s wife, Annette Dopp told KSL. “They said they were okay. Then [came\], you know, that feeling when your heart drops and you’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh. What do we do now?’”

The Italian sports car, which is insured, is currently awaiting repairs to its front end, wheel and passenger side, the Associated Press reported.

But even when it’s fixed, Dopp said he doesn’t plan on going on too many more joy rides.

He said he’s giving up the keys and selling the car, which is valued at around $380,000, to pay off some bills — and buy his wife another car, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

“Everything is going to be okay and we’ll move on from here,” he told ABC 4.

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