November 28, 2011

Saudi Arabia: Officer of Islamic Morality Police Sentenced To Flogging [To Beat Severely With A Whip Or Rod], Jail Time For Having Phone Sex! :o

Weasel Zippers
written by Emirates 24/7 staff
Sunday November 27, 2011

A Saudi court sentenced a member of the Gulf Kingdom’s feared religious police to 50 days in prison and ordered him flogged 158 times for molesting a Saudi woman over the phone, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The woman had reported the member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to his office in the western town of Madina, saying he had tried many times to seduce her over the phone.

“He was suspended and the court sentence will be fully executed although he belongs to the Commission.” Alsaudi daily said, quoting a Commission official.

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