November 28, 2011

Rockets Fired From Lebanon Into Israel, No Casualties

France24 news
written by AFP staff
Tuesday November 29, 2011

Several rockets fired from southern Lebanon landed in Israel overnight, but there were no casualties, Israel's army announced in a statement early Tuesday.

After the rockets landed in the western Galilee region, the Israeli army retaliated, striking the area from where they had been launched, the army said, without offering further specifics.

"The Israeli army considers that it is a serious incident and believes that it is the responsibility of the Lebanese government and the Lebanese army to avoid this kind of attacks," the statement added.

Four rockets landed in Israel, according to a report on Israeli public radio. One caused minor damage, while another landed in a populated area but failed to explode.

Local military commanders were assessing the situation but people in northern Israel, where the rockets landed, had not been told to go to air raid shelters, said an army spokesman.

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