November 28, 2011

Iranian Cleric Welcomed The MURDER Of Rafig Tagi, An Azerbaijani Writer And Journalist Who Had Insulted The Prophet Mohammed! WOW!

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Monday November 28, 2011

BAKU: The Iranian Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammed Fazel Lankarani welcomed the murder of the Azerbaijani writer and journalist Rafig Tagi. This sensational news appeared on the sheikh’s website in the morning hours of November 28.

The statement called the murder an execution and just sentence of Rafig Tagi, who he described as an apostate. The ayatollah congratulated the Azerbaijani people with Rafig Tagi’s murder and expressed joy that "the hand of God appeared among the Muslims and sent to hell the wicked man, who had insulted the Prophet."

"Without a doubt, the man, who performed the sentence and pleased the Muslims, will receive a great gift from the Almighty. Let the enemies of Islam know that decent young people will not allow anyone to humiliate Islam’s holy values and realize the intrigues of world imperialism and Zionism, and will punish those who betray their religion for their shameful acts.

I congratulate the Muslim world and, above all, the people of Azerbaijan and the memory of Ayatollah Uzma Lankarani - the man, who issued a death fatwa (sentence) on the ungodly," the statement said.

Mohammed Jawad is the son of Ayatollah Lankarani. The fatwa was issued in 2006, when Rafig Tagi published his article “Europe and Us” criticizing the Prophet Muhammad.

The attack on Tagi was committed on the evening of November 19, when an unknown man stabbed him seven times. On November 23 the 61-year-old journalist died in hospital.

Today’s announcement could have serious consequences for the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations, as it might be an official confirmation that the order for the assassination came from Tehran.

In addition, it could indicate the presence of Iranian agents in Azerbaijan, who are ready to carry out assassinations and other crimes. It is noteworthy that after the assassination of Rafig Tagi, the Iranian Embassy in Baku dissociated itself from the crime. Official Baku has not commented on the statement (Turan).

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