November 10, 2011

Good Samaritan Killed As He Tries To Stop Robbery In Santa Clarita, California!!! 4 Thugs MURDER A Human Being, Wound Another To STEAL A Video Game System!

San Francisco Chronicle
written by Associated Press
October 31, 2011

Authorities say a man they think was a good Samaritan has been shot and killed as he tried to stop a robbery in Santa Clarita.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Lillian Peck said Monday the victim was shot in the torso after he approached four men at a shopping center in Santa Clarita.

The suspects were trying to rob another man who had arranged to meet them to sell them a video game system. Instead of buying the device, the suspects got in a fight with the man and tried to rob him.

Peck says the unnamed good Samaritan was shot when he approached the group with a baseball bat.

The robbery victim was shot in the thigh.

All four suspects were later arrested. Peck says they are all juveniles.

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