November 19, 2011

The Consciousness Revolution Part 4 of 4

The Consciousness Revolution
[source: Steve Pavlina]

The lightworker council

How will our future earth continue to evolve? There are some who suggest we’re headed in the direction of a one-world government. British author David Icke purports this would be the ultimate in “Big Brother” tyranny and must be opposed at all costs. But such a system depends on the level of consciousness of its leaders. If a one-world government is run by tyrannical people, the system will be oppressive in the extreme. But if it’s run by highly conscious people, it would be one step closer to paradise.

I’m hugely optimistic about this ongoing consciousness revolution, since I think it means that in the years ahead, we’ll see emerging leaders who are truly dedicated to serving the greater good, people who have mastered the courage-compassion balance. I often have visions that our future world will eventually be lead by a council of highly conscious individuals — a lightworker council if you will. This option isn’t practical today because such people don’t have enough public support, and the current systems are geared to keep them out of leadership roles. It will, however, become practical once enough of us recognize that an expansion of our consciousness is the only thing that can save us in the long run. We need leaders who speak only the truth, inspiring us by example to do the same, and we need to become the kind of global society that willingly puts highly conscious people in positions of genuine authority.

Ultimately I think the consciousness revolution will succeed. Once a critical mass of people awaken and accept "personal responsibility" for the future of this planet, the status quo of low-awareness living will be history.

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