November 19, 2011

The Consciousness Revolution Part 2 of 4

The Consciousness Revolution
[source: Steve Pavlina]

Finding your tribe

When you realize there’s a lot more to life than work, family, entertainment, and retirement, you aren’t automatically given all the answers. God doesn’t show up at your doorstep and say, “Hey, Terry. I heard you just reached a new level of awareness. Gratz! By the way, here’s the login and password for consciousness level 2. You can use them to download your new life manual, and be sure to read up on your new purpose in chapter 1.” It would be nice if it worked that way, but unless you’re St. Paul, you’re out of luck. You’ll just have to muddle through and figure out your purpose on your own.

Meditation, journaling, and other introspective practices can definitely help, and there are some articles on this site that can help you clarify your purpose here and here. But what I didn’t mention in those articles is that it’s immensely helpful to seek out people who’ve already gone through this transition and ask them for guidance. That isn’t always easy, but the best place to begin is by putting out the intention for such a person to come into your life, thereby activating the law of attraction. It isn’t necessary to establish a coaching relationship; all you really need is a person you can model to keep reminding yourself that your transition to a practical, purpose-centered life is in fact possible because someone else has already done it.

As you experience such a transition, you’ll probably find yourself naturally drawn to spend more time with others who are very conscious and aware. Some of your old relationships may weaken because they’ll no longer be compatible with you. You may feel sad about that at first, but do your best to let go with love when you sense it’s the best choice for everyone. Don’t remain fearfully attached to relationships that no longer serve you, since you’ll be robbing yourself and others of the new relationships that await you.

Over time you’ll be able to attract and build a support group of like-minded people. It’s a lot easier to live a purpose-centered life when you’re surrounded by friends doing the same thing. When you first awaken and try talking about your experiences to your friends, they may just poke fun at you or think you’re weird. This may lead you to doubt yourself. But I’ll tell you there are people who don’t consider this weird at all. They’d welcome you with open arms and would be delighted to discuss your experiences openly, intelligently, and compassionately. The more you embrace your new level of consciousness, the more you’ll attract such people to you.

In some ways the community of lightworkers is almost like a secret society. These people often blend into the background, but when they sense someone in the process of waking up, they come out of the woodwork to greet that person. It’s like there’s this underground purpose-centered club, and whenever someone shows signs of being a potential member, the existing members all step forward to introduce themselves. But usually you have to make the first move to let them know you’re awake. Some of my friends call that “outing yourself.” For example, if you start a blog and begin writing about topics like purpose, consciousness, and higher awareness, you’ve outed yourself. If you tell everyone you know about your new blog, many people will make fun of you, but a few people will think, “Ah… s/he’s one of us,” and they’ll privately contact you to reveal their own long-term interest in these topics. Life can take an amazing turn when one of these contacts is someone you already knew but never suspected was of a like mind.

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