October 10, 2011

Worst Violence After Mubarak, 'Egypt On Brink Of Islamic Dictatorship'

I just read unbelievable comments posted under this video. They want the world to believe the radical Islamist have done nothing wrong and are innocent. They want the world to believe that the United States is responsible for everything wrong with this world. Well, the TRUTH is that it is the radical Islamist that have been raping and murdering YES MURDERING muslim and non-muslim innocent men, women and children who refuse to submit to their OPPRESSIVE way of life or who they are disgusted with ALL AROUND THE WORLD! And the radical Islamist have been bombing both churches and mosques! YES THAT IS THE TRUTH! I read about it everyday. So these aholes can continue LYING to the global general population in order to continue committing these atrocities they don't want the general population to become aware of. The following is an example of the garbage I speak of that the radical Islamic aholes are posting. This is the kind of bullsh*t we are up against! My gosh, this aholes wants everyone to believe that Israel wants to take over the middle east. wow! Israel just wants to live in peace and be left alone. It is the entire middle east that does not want Israel to exist period. The Syrian dictator Assad just threaten to start launching missiles at Israel if Turkey not Israel, sends NATO troops into Syria to STOP THE BLOODSHED of innocent civilians there. I want to strongly believe that those people in the Middle East are prostesting against their oppressive dictators to gain FREEDOM for ALL of the people in their country, their home. NOT THIS GARBAGE THIS FOOL IS ESPOUSING BELOW!


@AllahHelpsKlitschko: Do not get fooled in thinking that the USA is really collapsing! All USA is doing is making history by becoming the first ever whore in history to totally collapse for it's pimp, other whores would just bend over their pimp!

All the planned revolutions in the Middle east are done by Israel and it's whore(usa) to make it look like the extremist Muslim have taken over the PRO - USA governments! Israel will use this excuse to attack and take over the middle east and then replace the USA empire!

@AllahHelpsKlitschko: The Jewish are at work here.....BIG TIME!

Muslim Vs Christian things something that Jews have been doing for a long time!

Israel plan to take over the Middle east and replace USA as the no1 Superpower! Israel also planned the revolutions in the middle east to make it look like that the friendly governments of Israel & USA have been eliminated and replaced by extremist Muslims! Israel will then use the EXTREMIST MUSLIM excuse to attack and take over the middle east.

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