October 20, 2011

War, Genocide, Disaster And Decease Victims: Arthur Hu's Index of Diversity! I Came Across This AWESOME Website Today That I Want To Share With You! KNOWLEDGE is POWER! What You Don't Know Can Hurt You. Check It Out!

War and Genocide and Disaster Victims
Arthur Hu's Index of Diversity
[source: Arthur Hu]

With apologies to those who find the topic grisly, I've always wondered how all the great mass killings and wars rank compared against each other. This is one of the most complete collection of mass death statistics on the internet. Dedicated to the hope that people will one day stop using the name of economic justice to kill their fellow man and woman, and finally realize that Karl Marx, not free market capitalism, is the most evil system of thought, and biggest source of death and poverty in human history. Feel free to send comments or new information.

Karl Marx Wins The Award for Most Deaths In History Due to One Man.

And the award for the most mass killings credited to one man goes to ... (ta dah...) Karl Marx! Congratulations! It exceeds all war deaths in the 20th century, and even the wildest inflation of deaths due to slavery. More than Hitler. More than the Japanese Empire. Way more than Uncle Sam. Remember the motto.. No Justice No Peace. Just kill your fellow man until human equality has been achieved. Let this be a warning to those who want to raise hell for justice.

Genocide Spectrum: Largest mass killings in History

720M Modern deaths if at primitive society rates H Bloom

**************** ALL TIME CHAMPION *************
258M 20th century by govt. "Death by Government"
180M Evil deaths caused by govt or religion in 20th century
120M Partial Total Karl Marx inspired killings

105M 20th century war deaths
100M Communist deaths (Book of Communist Crimes, Courtois)
100M African Slaves Middle Passage (Lori Robison, absurd)
60-80M Mao 1994 estimate (#1 person)
45M WWII total (World Almanac)
40M Gengis Khan
40M Influenza of 1918, Worldwide [1]
30M Asians WWII
30M Taiping Rebellion (Chris Fitch)
30M Stalin Purge / Famines
30M Mao Tse Tung Famines
30M Mongol rule of China
25M African Slaves Middle Passage (intermediate)
20M Spanish Flu epidemic 1918 ST 2/24/99
20M-40M Spanish Invasion/massacre of Mexico and Central/South America
20M-30M Chinese killled by Japanese Rape of Nanking
20M Non-Japanese Asians WWII
20M Russian WWII (Cris A Fitch)
20M War dead 19th century
20M Black Death Europe 1348-49
15M WWII soldier SciAm Ju2000
11M African slaves brought to New World (CD-ROM, Gregory)
10M Stalin Famine and Executions
10M Chinese civilians WWII
9M Russian Civil Polish Sci Am Ju2000
9M WWI Military SciAm Ju 2000
6.5M Ethnic Poles and Polish Jews, 20% of pop
6M War dead 18th century, 17th century
6M Chinese Civilians (Japanese War Crimes)
6M Jewish Holocaust (TM, standard figure disputed by
3-6M Died on African slave ships (Black Voyage)
5M Korean War civ+mil (Aviation Week)
3M German soldiers WWII(A. Beyer)
3-10M Congo Free State 1886-1808 (Matthew White)
3M German prisoners / Russia (Foot Soldier)

********** TOP ALLIED ***********************************
3M Japanese WWII
3M Bangladesh Hindu 1971
2.7M French-Am Vietnam SciAm Hu2000
2.5M Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815 SciAm Ju2000
2M 1945 Treaty "Relocations"
2M Vietnam war 1960-75 all sides
2M Vietnam civilians Vietnam Govt est.
2M Chinese WWII
2M Cambodia Killing Fields (TM) Pol Pot ('96)
1.5-2M WWII bombing by all sides "War to be Won, Murray & Millett"
1.5M 20th century earthquakes (savage earth pbs)
1.5M War dead 16th century
1.5M SovAfganistan SciAm Jun2000
1.5M Rwanda / Burundi
1.5M Afghanistan war deaths 1981-2001
1.5M Armenian Genocide (TM)
1.2M Tibet by Chinese since 1950 (Matthew White)
1.1M Azeris by Armenians
1.1M All US War Casualties
1M Darfur Genocide 2003 - present <== (emphasis mine)
1M Muslims in 1952-1962 Algerian War
1M Chin Great Wall construction
1M Bangladesh by Pakistan
1M Irish famine deaths to starvation / disease
1M German soldiers (A. Beyer, revisionist)
1M WWII conventional bombing (PBS Oppenheimer)
1M Chinese Korean War (Cris A Fitch)
750K Vietnam refugees who successfully fled in late 1970s
700K Thought to be killed in Roman Coliseum for public entertainment
650k Slaves brought to US (gregory)
610K Total US-Japan B-29 raids
600K Khmer Health est 1969 Cambodia bombings ???
600K high estimate of allied bombing of Germany
600K US Civil War #1 US
500K Australian aborigines
500K Cambodians by US bombing (Naom Chomsky)
500K Spanish Flu United States 1918-19
500K Idi Amin 1971-79
400K North Korean political prisons US News 2003
400K Vietnam civilian deaths due to communist shelling, rocket, attacks [3]
400K Type A flu epidemics USA since emergence
400K US AIDS deaths to 1998
350K Nuclar bomb deaths
300K Japan forced labor
300K Jews and others in German prison camps (revisionist, boo, hiss)
300K Germans killed by allied bombing WWII
300K Iran/Iraq Gulf War
290K US WWII deaths #2 US
260K Japan conventional bombing deaths
250K High Japan Retaliation for Doolittle Raid (air magazine)
235K Battle of Okinawa, all sides
225K ARVN S. Vietnam combat (Chomsky)
200K Philippines rebellion incl starvation
200K Guatemala generals (Cockburn)
200K Rape of Nanjing(TM)
200K Children sacrificed in Carthage over 200 years.
161K Indonesia volcanos, total
150K 1908 Messina Earthquake
150K Common estimate of Iraqi troops Gulf War
150K Yugoslavia breakup
116K US World War I #4 US
100K Japanese withdrawal from Manila
100K US share of slaves died in transport
80K US WWII allied aircrew losses
80K French in 1952-1962 Algerian War
70K Asian Flu 1957-58 United States
70K Nagasaki
70K Dresden Fire Bombing
60K Japanese POW in Russia
58K Vietnam War US military #4 US
57k US seamen WWII
54K US Korean War #5 US
51K German bombings of UK
50-100K Died in boats fleeing Vietnam communists [3]
50K Claims of US Vietnam civilian bombing deaths [3]
47K Bataan death march / battle
42K London Blitz WWII
40K Mexican Drug Cartel 2006 - Present <== (emphasis mine)
36417 Krakatoa tsunami 1883 (Kra..the day)
30K US airmen Europe WWII
30K Mid estimate of Iraq Gulf War
30K Low Japan Retaliation for Doolittle Raid (History Channel)
26k US annual intentional shootings / suicide
28K St Pierre Martinique volcano may 1902
25K German U Boat crew WWII
25K 1973 Arab Israeli war
25K 1967 Arab Israeli war
23k 1985 Nevado del Ruiz volcano mud flow
22K Boer concentration camps under 16
20K V-2 slave labor force deaths
20K Zimbabwe 1982 Nbedeles by Shona tribe
18K Taiwan 1947 riot suppression
18K Cholera Plague Paris 1932 water
17K WWI Aircrew (Wings)
16K 1841 British withdrawal from Kabul 1 survivor
14K Ferries 1980-2000
12K POWS "River Kawai" railway
3-12k low est. Iraqi troops, ground 1991 based
10-100K 1950s Vietnam communist executions in land reforms [3]
10k USA annual accidental injury / death shootings
10k Gloucester fisherman lost at sea
9,345 Wilhelm Gustoff sinking 1945
8,000 Galveston 1900 Hurricane #1 US Nat Disaster
5k-7k 5,534 to 7,207 Iraq Body Count 2003 War
7,000 Chernobyl explosion 1986
6,800 US Merchant Marine WWII
6,500 German V-1 buzz bombs
6,000 US Revolutionary War
5,000 9/11/2001 airliner attacks in DC/WTC
5,000 Kobe earthquake
5,000 Philipines ferry worst ship ever
3,200 Northern Ireland Violence
4,000 Sultana civil war ship explosion
3,000 2003 France heat wave, lack of a/c
3,000 US Helicopter Vietnam crews, 2nd only to infantry
2,403 Pearl Harbor Attack (US)
2,278 US Desert Storm, Iraqi Civilans
2,048 Italy 1963 landslide into dam
1,522 Titanic sinking
1,426 1990 Mecca pedestrian tunnel
1,100 1979 Sverdlosk Russia anthrax outbreak
1,000 Hanoi civilians 1972 Christmas B-52 bombings
913+Jonestown mass suicide / murder
756 Killed seeking north pole before Peary
500 AP Afghanistan civilians 2001
500 Actual Iraqi bodies recovered by Allies 1991
500 Somalia 1993 US raid, civilians and armed
460 Spanish American war US WSJ 7/2/03
425 NY Times survey of rampage killings since 1949
400 Iraqi claims of bomb shelter hit, 1991
400 Hi estimate of My Lai massacre
320 Port Chicago blast (202 black)
300 Queen Mary burns protestants at the stake 1555
266 Battleship Maine explosion
240 Desert Storm Coalition Casualties
200 WWII US Women casualties
1-200 Paris massacre October 17, 1961 100-200 Algerians killed and dumped in the Seine).
100s Killed in Vietnam by old bombs annually
100 US Firemen killed annually
146 US Desert Storm Casualties
120 Mountain Meadows Massacre 1857, Mormons
45 1927 school bombing
39 DC Race Riot of 1919
38 Los Angeles Rodney King Riot 1992
34 Los Angeles Watts Riot 1965
31 US Berlin Airlift 189,963 sorties
18 US Battle of Mogadishu Somalia
8 Vietnam US Nurses
3 Bellingham WA gasoline pipeline explosion 1999

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