October 1, 2011

Top 11 Poverty Stricken Cities In The U.S. Plus Percentage The Progressive-Democrats Have Controlled Economy In That City Since 1965! VERY TELLING!

‎1965 was the start of the War on Poverty and these cities have a common story in that excessive taxes and regulations forced businesses to close. They elected Mayors who were consistently hostile to employers, and they end up with less business, less revenue and less employment.

Some of the well known Mayors are now gone but their mistakes remain.

Liberal Democrats do not realize that jobs are created by small businesses and lowering costs to employers. These cities implemented huge spending increases which required higher taxes.

They asked businesses to carry out their social agenda with laws, rules and regulations. The latter hides spending from political fall-out.

If you want less of something, all you have to do is tax it. They increased taxes and then added excessive regulatory burdens on employers. The result was that companies left, and hundreds of thousands of jobs left with them.

The good news is that after 50 years of evidence, some liberal Democrats recognize the truth. Mayors Dave Bing of Detroit, Cory Booker of Newark and Kasim Reed of Atlanta are cooperating with GOP Governors to implement crucial reforms. Bing in particular is reversing decades of leftwing damage, and we hope Democrats on Capitol Hill will listen to him.

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