October 16, 2011

Intimate Union: Bride of Christ part 3 of 9 Re-Post 10/18/09

I was awakened from a deep sleep earlier this week. When I awoke, I reached for the remote, turned on the television and changed the channel to Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Just at that moment, barely awake, Benny Hinn's program was just starting. As I laid there in bed, I asked God what it was he wanted me to know. This was the message Benny Hinn was sharing that very morning. I was in AWE the entire time. Benny Hinn perfectly describes the beautiful personal relationship I share with my heavenly Father and how this nirvana reached me. It's an ongoing process. Benny Hinn has described this union in a way that I could never put into words the way he has. It's a way of living I wish everyone could truly know deep down in the core of their being. Would you please take a moment out of your day to listen to this most beautiful 9 part message that God wants you to know. God loves you soooooooo much! You have always been His precious precious child and He is just waiting for you to embrace Him right where you are. Open your heart, mind, body and spirit to Him and watch your life be trasformed in total amazement. I have typed a transcript of the entire 8 minutes of part 3 for my international readers who need to translate.


Remember that I have been talking about intimacy with the Lord which we develop as we begin in the outer court that is the world Jesus called, "Asking world." Ask you shall receive and then He said seek and you shall find and knock and the door shall be open. And you remember the asking world is that outer court where we begin our experience in prayer. So we begin with this outer court. But the more we plow, Josea 10:12, the more we plow the softer the land becomes and now we begin to experience more frequently and more often that second realm of prayer where we are seeking the Lord now and it becomes second nature. Where now seeking the Lord isn't as difficult as it used to be. Now we can get into God's presence much quicker than we did a month ago. And then you begin to experience the third realm, which is the knocking realm, the holy of holies and the more you go into that world, the more accustomed you become in it.

Because that world is Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know I'm God." That world is Psalm 42:7 "Deep calls unto deep with the noise of thy waterspouts." And I told you what waterspouts are. Waterspouts are little tornadoes formed over the ocean. Where the weather conditions develop these tornadoes that suck the water out of the ocean. And God's presence in that depth begins to pull you in Himself. Just like the wind pulls the water. So that is what it says in Psalm 42:7 "Deep calls unto deep by the noise of thy waterspouts or thy waves and thy billows are gone over me." So you are swept into the presence of God without much effort on your part. Because the more you live in that realm, the quicker He sweeps you into it. Now you have become accustomed to it. And that third realm of prayer begins to transform you. Where does it happen? It happens in the Holy of Holies. It's happens in the knocking realm. It happens where Jesus and you become very intimate. It happens where you experience Him in depth. And the deeper you experience Him, the quieter you become in His presence. And the deeper you experience Him, the more real He is to you. And when I say real, I literally mean reality beyond description. Reality so great that you LOSE the reality of SELF into His reality. He literally becomes all in all to you. In that realm is where the bride is comfortable. In that realm the bride is comfortable. Because that is the bride of intimate love and fellowship.

Now the song of Solomon begins with this amazing verse, the song of songs which is Solomon's verse 2, "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth." That's awesome. "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth." Now someone who is not the bride looks at this book and never understands it. Because to him it's a love story. Oh yes it is, but it's DIVINE. This is the relationship between bridegroom and bride. Let Him kiss me. What is this kiss? This kiss is our union with Him. This kiss completes our union with Him. This kiss is the union of our spirit with the Holy Spirit. Where God's Spirit and our spirit are united.
Now let me explain something to you. When one is saved, he or she at first comes into salvation. But is not yet in union. They are saved, but not totally immersed in Him. They are saved, but they have not experienced the abiding in Christ life. They are saved, but they have not merged and become one. They are saved, but have not yet begun on their eternal journey, which begins on the earth, where we begin to experience His depth. I want to tell you something, you get saved and you no nothing yet about oneness. To you it is foreign. It's something you read in the bible and don't fully understand. You read John 17:23 and you wonder what it means. What Jesus prayed for is what I'm talking about here. Absolute oneness with Him. But the journey becomes real and exciting when we experience depth in Him. Because over here it's not so much the journey yet, it's like when you get engaged but you're not married yet. It's that season when like someone get's engaged. It's that engagement season.

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