October 11, 2011

Hey Everybody, We Have A Full Moon In Aries Tonight October 11, 2011 Great Read! :)

written by Molly Hall

This is a Full Moon for all those who've looked at a picture of a bright-eyed, spirited version of yourself and wondered, "What happened to me?" The innocent faith of the Fool, totally engaged in the moment, before self-consciousness or self-censorship kicked-in -- that's what I'm talking about. The Full Moon in fire sign Aries (at 18 degrees) is further aggrandized by Aries-ruler Mars in "Look at me, Love me!" Leo. I encourage you to consider this whole week, one for vigorously fanning the flames of the original you. Who is that? Before analysis paralysis, or thinking of your image, what your parents or friends thought... before you judged yourself, too.

One of my most painful memories is saying to my Mom (who played "Saturn" in my childhood), "You don't know who I am!" and her disdainful reply, "Well, who are you?" A close-kin to "Who do you think you are?" This Full Moon is the one to do battle with these harsh attacks on our original essence, rooting out where we've internalized the message that there's something wrong with acting on instinct. Elaine Kalantarian of Blue Moon Astrology has a good related read on Stuart (Smalley's) Full Moon in Aries conjunct 'Shame Spiral' Saturn.

I was looking for an image of the Moon and its reflection, since the "Judge" Saturn is in Libra, along with the Sun. In the Full Moon chart the Moon's vitalized (by Mars) instinct for radiating that emerging essence, meets the opposition of Sun and Saturn -- and the 'how do I look doing this?' reaction.

You'll want to be the Aries warrior, using your special powers to bravely confront any limiting beliefs, yours or those you picked up, that discourage you from self-expression. They are writ large like on a flashing billboard, and even this enables you to see how outdated they are. It might come from big messages about how others treat you, how they're used to seeing you. The person they need you to be, or who you've chosen to be.

It's a Full Moon for birthing, becoming and leaving behind old 'mirrors' that don't reflect your true dimensions or potential. This might literally mean leaving certain people behind, especially those that are threatened by your growth. There's a fantastic Mercury-Neptune trine, allowing for reason and the imagination to work in harmony, for some much needed emotional distance. It also favors collaboration, inspiring conversation and a chance for lucid dreaming.

I'll be asking for clear dreams tonight and hope you'll allow yourself these days to act (Aries is ACTION!!) to honor your life purpose, what thrills and inspires you. And having the discipline to boldly tip your own scales, in favor of who you're becoming, not who you've been.

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