October 14, 2011

Here It Is Folks Marxist Communist Manifesto Being Taught To The OccupyChicago Movement! Anti-Capitalist Anti-FREEDOM! WOW! This Is For ALL OF YOU Who Said This Was Not True!!!

(Progressive) Americans are so enamored of equality
that they would rather be equal in slavery
than unequal in FREEDOM.
~ by Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)

I am NOT a Marxist Communist. I AM a Capitalist with a HEART! I am fighting to stop this communist movement from deliberately collapsing our country so they can usher in MARXIST COMMUNISM! These people are the ones capitalizing on the American plight/grief and use these people en masse to make this happen. Obama and the democrats are facilitating the grief on purpose to instigate class warfare which is coming to light in these demonstrations.

Do you know what Marxist Socialism/Communism stands for? They're chanting and carrying signs that read: "Eat the rich", "Kill the rich", "Kill corporate exec's". If you destroy private corporations by destroying Wall Street that provides "capital" (MONEY INVESTED by YOU the public either directly owning the stocks and bonds or indirectly via Mutual Funds) to corporations that are listed on the exchanges what the heck do you think we will have left? Think about it! COMMUNISM is a POLICE STATE and everything and everyone is OWNED by the (S)tate meaning the dictating government! Oh and by the way, ALL of the entertainment GIANTS are also listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). How the heck do you think they are able to fund, PROVIDE CAPITAL for your movies or cable tv and network shows and comedy specials? Oh yeah and music industry GIANTS are also listed on the NYSE and PROVIDE CAPITAL for your music and concerts. They go down, you go down! ALL OF YOU in the entertainment industry ALSO work for PROFIT. There is nothing wrong with striving to earn a profit. Nobody intentionally operates a business to break-even or to generate a loss. That would make no sense now would it!
[ABC news 10/11/11] Occupy Wall Street: Darker Side Emerges. Social media activity from Occupy supporters and activists promoting physical destruction and violent action. ListenLogic is detecting a change in the tone of discourse about the so-called 1 percent richest Americans. There's an increase in 'let's kill' them. We see 'eat the rich,' 'kill the wealthy. There are images circulating of senior executives being decapitated, images of blood. Artists are releasing images of banks on fire.
I've NEVER been offered a job or worked for a POOR PERSON, have you? I never approved of the bank bailouts as is documented in this blog. There is no such thing as "Too Big To Fail." Our federal government FORCED the healthy banks to gobble up the TOXIC banks that were bleeding sub-prime mortgages. I have always said it was a moral hazard. I was an independent mortgage professional when the SHTF long before the feds decided to let the public in on the imminent crisis. I was on the front lines of this fiasco and tried to warn the public from 2007 and on. Nobody would believe me because the government kept saying everything was okay! I watched in horror as the house of cards  (FACILITATED BY BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS) began to crumble. My business went up in flames when the mortgage industry IMPLODED and I TOO have had to fend for myself in this economy. So believe me, I KNOW how these folks are feeling. The only difference is I'm doing whatever I need to in order to make ends meet and weathering this economic storm as best I can. But I'm also working hard to get rid of the DIRTY politicians who got us into this mess and continue to support crony-capitalism. These protestors are barking up the WRONG TREE. Our government is responsible for everything! Our government ALLOWED the crisis to happen!

Yeah I TOO AM PISSED OFF... but I'm directing it at our government because our federal, state and local officials WORK FOR US! They are PUBLIC SERVANTS and we need to vote out every politician who supports crony-capitalism and WAR... right/left I don't give a damn. It is our government who gives certain corporations tax breaks and gives them taxpayer funds and allow them to get away with just about everything! Our government has been picking the winners and losers! Our government makes the LAWS (tax, compliance and regulations)! Unemployment is high because of President Obama's FAILED LEGISLATIVE POLICIES he's imposed on our economy in the last 2 1/2 years! Don't forget the DEMOCRATS CONROLLED the presidency, congress and the senate for 2 WHOLE YEARS! and now they want you to believe that the republicans are to blame for everything.

These OWS protest are useless and ineffective. What's worse they are now becoming violent! This behavior is NOT going to solve the problems our country faces. The only way to defeat this ingrained CRONY-capitalism (CORRUPTION) is to VOTE THE CROOKED POLITICIANS OUT. The legal way. And vote in people who REFUSE to be part of this established CORRUPT politics who have been transferring Taxpayer funds to corporations/hedge funds/campaign contributors and REFUSE to support continued WAR. We don't need to occupy anything other than fullfilling our duty as an American and exercising our power and right to vote. We in the T.E.A. party are holding our government officials accountable and reading the legislative bills that have been introduced by both sides.

We will get through this... we just need to hang tough! Our country is at a critical tipping point and we are being pushed in a very very bad direction. We freedom lovers have to stick together and be able to look beyond the veil of DECEIPT. There is so much happening all at once and it's being done on purpose to wear us down. They want us to acquiesce!!! I've taken the following from the OccupyChicago website:


Below is a list of events that have been confirmed by the education committee. Keep checking back, as this page will be updated frequently as more events are added.


Unless otherwise indicated, all teach-ins are presently scheduled to take place in the plaza at Lasalle and Jackson (i.e. the one extending from Jackson toward Van Buren, where the café is, near the entrance to the Board of Trade). Keep checking back to see if locations have been updated.

Friday October 14, 6pm

Does Marxism Matter?

Location: Jackson @ LaSalle; look for the banner that says, “The Left is Dead! Long Live the Left!”

In the mid-19th century, Marx and Engels famously observed in the Communist Manifesto that a ‘specter’ was haunting Europe— the specter of Communism. 160 years later, it is ‘Marxism’ itself that haunts us.

In the 21st century, it seems that the Left abandoned Marxism as a path to freedom. But Marx critically intervened in his own moment and emboldened leftists to challenge society; is the Left not tasked with this today? Has the Left resolved the problems posed by Marx, and thus moved on?

Does Marxism even matter?

Hosted by the Platypus Affiliated Society.


Saturday, October 15, 3pm

‘Communist Manifesto’ Discussion Group

Location: Plaza next to the Chicago Board of Trade (corner of Lasalle and Jackson, between Jackson and Van Buren)

Facilitator: Professor Aisha Karim (St. Xavier)

This will be a discussion of the most famous document of working class struggle of all time by Marx and Engels. What is class struggle? What is an internationalist framework? What misconceptions have surrounded this document, and its school of thought? How can its ideas help inform the movement of the 99% today? The Communist Manifesto can be downloaded for free here: English Spanish


Sunday October 16, 3pm:

Greed and Capitalism

Location: Plaza next to the Chicago Board of Trade (corner of Lasalle and Jackson, between Jackson and Van Buren)

Facilitator: Professor Forrest Perry, (St. Xavier University)

Description: Among the most persistent ideological obstacles to understanding and transforming our current (and really messed-up) economic system are the beliefs that humans are unalterably greedy and that capitalism, because it is grounded in greed, will exist as long as greed exists. The purpose of this teach-in is to challenge those belief. In doing so, we’ll talk about human nature and the nature of capitalism. There will be briefreferences to vampires and Frankenstein’s monster.

a printable flier for the above events is here.

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