October 11, 2011

Full Moon in Aries October 11, 2011 Astrology Forecast! Another Great Read! :)

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Aries on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 10:05 pm EST.

What is being born into your life now? What has departed recently, and what is becoming your new focus? Is there a growing movement in your life you simply can’t ignore? These things, personal to you, will give you clues about the direction your energy will be best used towards as we move through the month. As the light of the moon will begin waning later this week, it will be time to integrate what’s been brought to light during this Full Moon more meaningfully and deeply.
This is the most distant Full Moon of 2011, known as the Falling Leaves Moon or the Hunter’s Moon.
Much of what is unfolding in your life now has to do with a balance of your personal desires along with external circumstances that are molding and refining what you’re meant to focus your energy on. Sometimes we have a goal in mind and take actions toward those goals, but restrictions surrounding us lead us somewhat astray.

Although external circumstances may cause you to veer off course slightly, important doors will open which were not considered before. The change of pace should be noted. The new circumstances seemingly forced upon you, can best be viewed as adding important opportunities you can use to your advantage. If you are pessimistic and view each obstacle as a burden only wasting your time, you’ll miss out on the gift hidden within. How you focus your attention makes all the difference.

Now is an important time to dedicate yourself more fully to finding the balance between your will and the messages the resistance is trying to get through to you. It’s a time to admit the inhibitions embedded deep in your personality that restricts you from your potential to a create new chapters in your life.

Now is a good time to assess the roots of your desires. What drives your actions? Why do you hold yourself back? Why are you really going after what you’re going after? Is the payoff worth the effort? Are your actions creating a well balanced lifestyle between work, play and enjoyment of life and love?

Although this Aries Full Moon embellishes the courageous warrior archetype to flow through us all, ready to enter the battle of life and go after what we want, our minds can impose resistance. Weighing pros and cons can lead us feeling unsure. Do you have to let go of anything so you can usher in the new?

The resistance to the Full Moon now can show itself in how procrastination unfolds in our lives. How are your actions and in-actions becoming a heavy burden? To feel more aligned you have to kick yourself into action, otherwise you may spiral into depressive thoughts. The longer you wait, the heavier you’ll feel.

We can feel there is an energy and drive ready to go after what we want, but many can still be held back by what others think. Other people’s opinions and judgments can lead us to feeling self-conscious and doubtful.

Many may also feel their energy levels rise and fall from moment to moment near this Full Moon, as if you’re in the middle of a tug-of-war. One minute you feel ready to take action, be assertive and flex your muscles, and in the next you’re spent, and you may not have lifted a finger.

Do you lack courage to manifest your highest potential? Structuring our life to minimize emotional pain causes many to deny themselves the opportunity to participate and show vulnerability. Fears cause us to create an artificial comfort zone that restricts us from fully tapping into our abilities. It all boils down to perceptions of self-worth which are molded by many influences in our lives.

By putting your energy towards expressing leadership qualities in any area of your life, personally or professionally, you’ll feel stronger. Be mindful of others’ tendencies to be more extroverted or introverted and apply your attitude with respectfulness to their comfort zone. Being too pushy towards shyer or weaker personalities will make you look like a bully.

Making difficult decisions, and lending a helping hand to others in need makes you stand out as embracing your stronger side.

If you are feel like you have many battles ahead of you and you’re overwhelmed, take it one step at a time. Thinking of everything at once will really cause you stress and tension at this time. You can summon the warrior spirit of confidence to take on the tasks. Tackle them in an orderly fashion to save yourself from spreading your energy too thin. Nervousness can be alleviated by cooling down. Go outside in the fresh air, drink cool waters and surround yourself in cooling colors. Take time out for yourself when your energy feels scattered.

Although Saturn’s opposition pulls us back down to earth, for some, the a Full Moon in Aries can still feel quite intense. If that’s you, take a few deep breaths. Calming essential oils can help, like lavendar and ylang ylang. Some may have strong moments of nervous tension because of your personal chart aspects. Know that this tension will pass, and taking steps to stay grounded will help.

Take care of yourself if your energy is too amped up. Avoid caffeine or anything that can boost your adrenaline over the tipping point. For those with too much on their plates, you don’t want to encourage a nervous breakdown. Do what you can to take it easy. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

A good multi-vitamin with a healthy dose of B-complex vitamins will help with stress levels.

Some of you may be feeling forced to look for a new job or position and aren’t confident you’ll get what’s right for you. Summoning the strength and courage isn’t always easy. If you have your eye set on a certain position you could be selling yourself short of other opportunities. Thinking outside the box will relieve some stress plaguing your mind.

Even helping out at a favorite shop before the holidays will give you a stronger sense of capability. If you’re feeling unsure what direction to take, ask the opinions of those close to you that have your best interests in mind. Find out what they think you’d be good at from their observations. Supportive talks will help you feel more assured in your abilities.

If money is tight, you may feel time is not on your side, and taking any job to make money in the short term will do. There’s nothing wrong with that. Wherever you put your energy, you can make a difference. Even if a job seems meaningless, you can bring meaning to your efforts. Helping others can create satisfaction. You can bring a willingness to succeed to anything you do. Taking the first step will be liberating.

If you’re tired of not growing in the direction you want, it’s time for the change you’ve wanted, that’s been buried deep within to happen. This includes building on your talents. The resistance you’ve felt long enough may cause you to throw your hands up and say, “I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of worrying about what others think. I’m tired of waiting around for things to happen. I’m tired of doubting myself. I’m going for it. I’m worth it, and I’m ready to start anew regardless of what tries to get in my way!”

To get your energy going, tackle the small things that bring a sense of reward daily. Clean, fix, complete any odds-and-ends to feel more organized and on top of your life. The Aries Full Moon is about starting fresh by feeling like long standing issues are resolved to allow for new space where you’re ready to take action.

Love is an attachment and love is freedom. Right now the attachment feels stronger to family, pets and partners. These attachments are helping you to grow and understand the benefits you give and receive in relationships. The connections will also take on a deeper spiritual purpose. Kindness, generosity, and a gentleness will be noted. Hugging, and caring expressions of affection unite your heart with another easily.

There’s also a seductive appeal to people now, and what’s uniquely attractive to each of us, makes our heads turn for a sustained glance. Sex appeal is intensified. Characteristics that haven’t seemed attractive in the past, now appeals to our senses. The underlying seductive nature of others appears closer to the surface now.

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