October 22, 2011

Everybody Say's Don't... Well I Say TRY! ♥ I Hope You Are Having A MAGNIFICENT Saturday! :)

Enjoy your life, live it to the fullest and follow the music that is playing in your soul. This is from Barbra Streisand's 'Back to Broadway' album. I love this song! Make it a point to spice up your life with more theatre, more opera and more comedy this year! You'll be surprised how much different your life will become. If you've never been, then I recommend you introduce yourself to the arts and entertainment. One way to start could be to look up your local opera house and performing arts theatre on the internet and find out what kind of discounts or specials they offer. If you cannot afford it, not to worry, you can watch a live performance on any PBS and KCET in your area or you can listen to a performance on a classical radio station. You can also rent a DVD of a musical, a play, an opera, a ballet or classical performance. Where there is a will, there is a way! I trust that you will find a way to expose yourself to something different that will cause you to grow and expand your level of awareness. Add more culture to your life. It is such a beautiful experience! I promise it will leave you mesmerized and inadvertently stretch your imagination.
Don't make the same mistake a younger friend of mine made recently. I knew she had never been to the Opera. Therefore, I wanted her to experience the enchantment of Opera and invited her to attend a performance with me. She declined because in her mind it was boring. But how would she know that it was boring if she had never been to a live performance. She must have heard this from her friends or family or other, right? So, please do not turn down an opportunity to attend a live performance simply because of an ingrained mindset. Well, I say TRY IT and then you can make a judgment call based on YOUR personal experience and NOT what you learned from your environment. And you shouldn't care if your friends or family laughs at you. Always remember it's not their life, it's YOURS. I promise you'll eventually meet new people that are also interested in the same thing. The lyrics are by Stephen Sondheim; originally for the Broadway musical, "Anyone Can Whistle".
Everybody Say's Don't
by Barbra Streisand

Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't, it isn't right,
Don't, it isn't nice.

Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't walk on the grass,
Don't disturb the peace,
Don't skate on the ice.

Well I SAY DO, I say,
Walk on the grass, it was meant to feel.
I say, sail, till to the windmill
And if you fail you fail.

Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't get out of line
When they say that then, lady that's a sign
Nine times out of ten,
Lady you're doing just fine.

Make just a ripple, come on BE BRAVE
This time a ripple, next time A WAVE
Sometimes you have to START small,
Climbing the tiniest wall -
Maybe you're going to fall
But it is BETTER than not starting at all.

Everybody says no, stop,
Mustn't rock the boat,
mustn't touch a thing
Everybody says don't
Everybody says wait
Everybody says can't fight city-hall
Can't upset the court
Can't laugh at the King.

Well, I SAY TRY, I say,
Laugh at the King, or they'll make you cry
Lose your poise
Fall if you have to, but lady MAKE A NOISE!

Everybody says don't
Everybody says can't
Everybody says wait around for miracles
That's the way the world is made
If you do them, MIRACLES, nothing to them
I say don't...

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