September 8, 2011

Comedian Katt Williams Bravely Stands Up For America ***APPLAUSE***

I can't stop smiling after watching this video. He's right!!! We are the United States of America. The buzz all over the internet is this clip is ANTI-Mexican. Nooo, it's more like he's ANTI-America haters. Come on now, all he is saying is this is America. There is nothing wrong with loving your heritage. But when people start talking about conquering America or parts of America, do you really think Americans of every race aren't going to look at you with a "say what?" look.

What La Raza always fails to mention is that Mexico was conquered by Spain and Spain SLAUGHTERED most of the indiginous Mexica tribes. La Raza wants Mexican Americans to HATE the USA and take it back. Why don't you HATE SPAIN who MURDERED our ancestors and TOOK THEIR ENTIRE NATION?!?! Why do you think Mexicans Speak SPANISH and NOT the original Mexica indiginous dialect? Hmm...

Louisiana used to be owned by France too. But you don't hear French Americans secretly wanting to take Louisiana back by conquest do you? We are ONE COUNTRY, ONE FAMILY NOW made up of people the world over who have come here to BE FREE and pursue their dreams.

Oh and like Katt Williams mentioned in this video, if you love Mexico so much nobody is stopping you from moving there. Most likely you don't want to move there or else you would have already. So why then would you want California, Texas, Arizona etc to be taken back by Mexico? People are fleeing Mexico to the United States for a reason. You just don't make any sense. Is America perfect? No. But it sure is a heck of a lot better living here than most other countries around the world.

UPDATE at 5:18pm: Yes, I AM Mexican from my mom's side. But I AM also Lebanese and French from my father's side. I love Mexico. I speak spanish fluently. My grandparents are from Guadalajara, Mexico. I have traveled ALL OVER Mexico and not by air either. No, my grandmother wanted me to feel Mexico, so every summer growing up we spent a few weeks traveling all over Mexico by bus, by ferry and by train. I absolutely love the people, the culture, the history, the food, the beaches, almost everything but the socialist government, police corruption and the drug cartels. I have actually met an isolated Mexica indigenous tribe who only speak their original dialect on a tiny island we stop to visit while sailing through the chain of islands in the Sea of Cortez just north of La Paza, Baja California, Mexico. We were island hopping, when we arrived at this tiny island, we anchored our boat and approached the shore on our dingy, the Mexica tribe came running out into the sea to greet us and repeating Jacque Cousteau Jacque Cousteau and pointing down. What they were proudly telling us was that Jacque Cousteau was here before. Wanting to use his name and his previous visit to connect with us. They didn't speak any spanish or english and we didn't speak their language. Nevertheless, we were able to communicate with gestures and smiles. They were so kind and hospitable. That was such an amazing experience.


BIG Hollywood
written by Alfonzo Rachel
Thursday September 8, 2011

Like you, I’m pretty happy about Katt Williams bushin’ up his tail on a heckler who tried to dis’ America. By telling a Mexican patriot “to go live in Mexico if he thinks it’s better than living in America,” Williams ran the risk of being labeled a sell-out by displaying his patriotism in this PC culture. Yep, Williams pretty much used his microphone as a club, and went to work on this heckler like he was a piรฑata.

What Katt Williams said to the heckler wasn’t racist, it was long overdue. Sure I’ve been saying the same and I’m sure you have, as well. But it’s nice to hear it coming from someone who has a platform like Williams does. Usually people in his position would rather patronize people like that heckler and try to win them over by acknowledging they’re “disenfranchised.” This allows them to look compassionate and morally superior. But that’s the behavior of a true sellout — selling out the country that allows people to achieve their dreams in exchange for glorifying yourself by soliciting laughter and applause for cursing it.

Katt Williams breathed fire all over that narrative, and God bless him for it.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve heard the racist statement, “Why don’t you go back to Africa”, and I’d have to remind these jackasses, “I can’t go back to a place I’ve never been.”

Furthermore, I’ve never flexed African national pride on people. I’ve never given people a reason to believe I love Africa more than America, so I never deserved the remark.

I love being black, and I love being black in America. Enjoy whatever ethnicity you are! But if you enjoy it to a point where you think your ethnicity makes you superior, then you’re a jackass.

But like Katt Williams I feel that if a person has that much Mexican pride then they should take their behinds over to Mexico. Nobody dragged them over here. Nobody forces them to stay here. Black people were sold by other Africans and dragged over here to be enslaved illegally. But the generations that have been here have long enjoyed the freedom to leave. And I say to my black people, ‘If you think Africa is so much better, you’re free to move there.’

A lot of Mexicans act like white people were the only people to take their land, yet the ancestors of Mexicans are the ones with the long history of taking land from each other. They would pillage and enslave each other; rape the women, and sacrifice the tribes they conquered to their idols.

Today, Mexico isn’t doing that great and has a pretty corrupt government, which is why a lot of people want to leave. What cracks me up is that Mexican patriots want to live here — and not only that, they want to claim the Southwest region of America. Why? So Mexico can have an even bigger territory for the Mexican people to want to leave?

So thank you, Katt Williams. I may not dig all the cursing and what not, but I don’t think our troops bite their tongues when they’re defending God’s blessing of freedom, either. At some point all the profanity may not be as important to Katt Williams, but he is a patriot.

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