September 20, 2011

BREAKING: Solyndra Execs To Plead The 5th When They Appear At A House Hearing On Friday!!! Are You Kidding Me?! >:/

Wow! They are definitely hiding something BIG! Hopefully the FBI uncovers the TRUTH!


The Associated Press
written by Matthew Daly
Tuesday September 20, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two top executives at a bankrupt California solar energy company say they will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions when they appear at a House hearing on Friday.

Solyndra Inc. Chief Executive Officer Brian Harrison and Chief Financial Officer W.G. Stover sent letters to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday informing them of their plans to remain silent. The Associated Press obtained copies of the letters, which cite an ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI.

Harrison and Stover said they still plan to appear before the committee, which is investigating a $528 million loan Solyndra received from the Energy Department in 2009. The company since has laid off its 1,100 workers.
The Obama administration "invested" over $500 MILLION taxpayer dollars in Solyndra. The company filed for bankruptcy this month, which means that WE, the taxpayer will not be seeing a dime of this money. Pretty awful investment wouldn't you agree? That half a billion dollars was added to America's DEBT balance!

According to the US Census, there are approximately 311 million Americans. The Obama administration could have given each American $1 MILLION to stimulate the economy and spur spending by the consumers en masse. Think about it, $1 million for each of us, we could have paid off all of our debt (including student loans) and made purchases, purchases WE wanted to make, not the products our government steers us to purchase. We could have used that money for travel, or used that money to invest in OUR OWN ideas and projects we want to launch. Giving us that money would have stimulated the economy BIG TIME. After all, WE are the ones who are going to have to PAY BACK THAT MONEY Obama lost!

My point is that half a billion dollars was spent by our government. Since we are forced to pay that money back in the form of taxation, it would have been nice if we were able to enjoy that money and spend it on ourselves as we saw fit. Okay yes I exaggerated the amount of money we should get. I was being overly sarcastic because our government has been wiping their backsides with millions, billions and now trillions of taxpayer dollars WITHOUT ANY CONCERN of how it will affect us. $1 MILLION for each American is unrealistic. That would add up to roughly $311 TRILLION. Nevertheless, President Obama ADDED more than $4 TRILLION to our national debt in just 2 1/2 years and what pray tell do we have to show for it?!?! And that $4 TRILLION doesn't even include the cost of the 6 wars we are involved in (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia).

But that would be asking too much. President Obama NEVER thinks about Americans. He's only looking out for his comrades interest and bank accounts. Now this should help explain to you WHY we in the T.E.A. party are against ANY TAX INCREASES... because our federal government spends BILLIONS of dollars on FAILED POLICIES and FAILED INVESTMENTS, adds that money to the public credit card and then has the NERVE to DEMAND to take more of our EARNED INCOME by paying more taxes just so they could continue ROBBING US BLIND!!!

Republican or Democrat, I don't give a damn. Wrong is wrong and a thief is a thief! A sow's ear dressed up to look like a silk purse, is still a sow's ear!!! Political affiliation becomes irrelevent when people in positions of authority intentionally steal from the tax coffers.

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