August 29, 2011

SYRIA: Hezbollah Reaffirms Support For Regime's Repression ie; Assad's CIVILIAN MASSACRE!

BOTH Hamas (Palestine) and Hezbollah (Lebanon) have been supported financially and supplied weapons by Syria and Iran. Hezbollah approves Assad's civilian massacre. Hamas and Hezbollah are radical Islamic militants who have been doing Iran and Syria's bidding. They are like street gangs here across America or the Mexican Drug Cartels, only they over there in the middle east they use bombs. They should be holding NO SEATS in government. Imagine the Mexican drug cartels running the Mexican government?! Oh wait a minute, they already do, indirectly that is... They also have loyal cartel members holding political office here in California, USA.


ANSAmed news
writte by Staff
Friday August 26, 2011

BEIRUT, The leader of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement, Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, has today reaffirmed his support for Syria's and for the repression that has been taking place for over five months of anti-regime demonstrations in the country.

''We stand by Syria's side and by the leaders to support them in their reform process,'' Nasrallah told the followers of the pro-Iran movement in a video link. The address was made to a meeting held in Marun ar Ras, a town in the southernmost part of Lebanon, on the blue line of demarcation with Israel. ''Without Syria's support, the South (of Lebanon) would never have been freed,'' the Shiite leader added, speaking on the anniversary of the Day of Jerusalem (Yawm al Quds), an event that has been inspired and funded by Iran for decades now. Nasrallah, who has already made his support for the Damascus regime's policy of repression over the past months, while praising the ''Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan revolutionaries,'' reaffirmed: ''We want a strong Syria and all those who say they have the interests of Syria, its people and its future at heart, should make efforts to calm the situation now so that everything can be resolved peacefully''.

The Shiite leader then returned to warn of the danger of a fictitious sectarian division between Sunnis and Shiites in the region: "In Syria there are those who are fanning the flames of a sectarian feud in order to realised their plans for a new Middle East."

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