May 5, 2011

The Poem of the Universe

What does it mean to be one of God’s Chosen, God’s Elect? All students of God’s Word should know the answer. That there is more to God’s Word than is being taught in churches today and that God has put a desire in your minds to learn the truth. God’s Elect are called of God even before this flesh age in the first earth age. God’s Elect are chosen of God to bring about His purpose for this earth age and especially in this final generation. God’s Elect are the ones that served God in the first earth age and stood up against satan at his rebellion, where he drew a third of God’s children away. [source: God's Letter To Us: God's Elect]

written by Charles Weldon
Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).
A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895.

THE POEM of the Universe
Nor rhythm has nor rhyme;
Some God recites the wondrous song
A stanza at a time.

Great deeds is he foredoom’d to do,
With Freedom’s flag unfurl’d,
Who hears the echo of that song
As it goes down the world.

Great words he is compell’d to speak
Who understands the song;
He rises up like fifty men,
Fifty good men and strong.

A stanza for each century:
Now heed it, all who can!
Who hears it, he, and only he,
Is the elected man.

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