May 13, 2011

David Horowitz and Pat Caddell on George Soros´ Shadow Cabinet and the Green Communists

Thank God these democrats that I grew up with are speaking UP!!! TRUTH be told! Research George Soros and Maurice Strong who is hiding out and protected in China!!! Al Gore (Global Warming movement) works for him. The people responsible for starting this movement have done so under the pretense of saving the planet or saving the environment. This is untrue. We have been manipulated into believing we were part of a cause for good. Their motive is actually more sinister than you can ever imagine. Population control, control of our food supply and the imposition of collective ideals abolishing individual rights around the world. Research AGENDA 21. Yes that is the actual title adopted by the United Nations. Please look it up and read it for yourself.

By the way, before you start making assumptions about me. I was born into and raised in a very very liberal household and environment. I was a democrat my entire life now turned independent. I am not a shill for either party or any politician. I am a Capitalist with a heart who loves humanity, wildlife and the environment. I stand for Americans not for an extreme ideology ie; left right paradigm. And I don't much enjoy getting spoonfed information from the media that does not always have the general publics best interest at heart. Local news notwithstanding.

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