May 14, 2011

Damien: Omen II (1978)

I just got through watching the Omen II on the FOX movie channel (FMC). This movie was released in 1978 and is very insightful and quite prophetic. I watched part 2 a few months back. I was flipping the channels and came across it like now. Since I hadn't seen it in years I decided to watch and was blown away by Thorn industries and how it was identical to Monsanto. Monsanto is in cahoots with the UN who is facilitating entry into all nations. Also the Green Marxist socialist/communist utopian clones and progressives are their foot soldiers brainwashing people around the world at the local level to accept the transition making them believe it is for their own good.

It's all part of AGENDA 21. You can read about it at the United Nations website. Do a search. How can AGENDA 21 be a conspiracy theory as many of you have emailed me, if it actually EXISTS!!! How can you know what to look out for and thereby be able to defend yourself if you have no idea what the Global Elite have already planned for humanity? I highly recommend you watch the entire movie. If you fast forward to 1:56 in this video clip I'm sharing you'll see what I mean. I have typed a transcript for my international readers who are not able to view the video.

Mr. Richard Thorn: Good morning Bill.

Bill: Well hello Richard. By the way, there is something I want to talk over with you.

Mr. Thorn: I'm the first to admit that Paul is difficult to get along with. It took us three years to find a man with his kind of qualifications.

Bill: I'm not questioning his qualifications. It's...

Mr. Thorn: His manner?

Bill: I can even cope with his manner. I've met and dealt with every kind. No I don't like what he is proposing. It sticks in my craw and I don't intend to hide my feelings.

Mr. Thorn: Do you worry that it can get us in trouble with the justice department?

Bill: No he's dealing with highly emotive stuff.

Mr. Thorn: Bill, let's hear him out. The only thing I ask is that you couch your objections with a little more delicacy than usual.

Now fast forward to 3:22.

Bill: No matter how you slice it Paul, what you are saying is that we should give up our leadership in electronics.

Paul: Bill you're wrong, my report points to the indisputable fact that Thorn industries' main interest is in energy and electronics. What I'm maintaining is that because of this bias we tend to ignore what's going on here at this plant. And we ignore it at our own risk. Our profitable future aside from energy lies also in famine.

Bill: What? Oh that statement is typical of you Paul. It's heartless...

Paul: and true. Not heartless.

Mr. Thorn: Are these solutions designated?

The scientist driving the cart: No not yet each tank has a different fertilizer and pesticide. It won't be designated until we pump it into the experimental crop beds.

Paul: One person dies of starvation every 8.6 seconds, 7 every minute, 420 every hour, 10 thousand every day. To feed these people we have to farm the ocean (They're already doing this ie; Genetically Engineered Fish = Salmon Frankenfish). We have to develop new strains of high yield disease resistent grain crops (They're already doing this ie; Genetically Modified Organism (GEO) and Genetically Engineered Organism (GEO) = GM foods). The oil companies countries didn't hesitate to put their fingers on our jugular vain. So what's so different about food. If you've got a knife at your belly, you'll keep your hands at your sides. Why even call my policy unethical.

Bill: It's callous and inhuman and in my opinion illegal.

Paul: What is illegal and inhuman about feeding people.

The scientist: Bill's point is if we control food people eat it's tantamount to making slaves of them.

Paul: Ah customers.

Bill: But you want us to buy up their land.

Paul: That's right. Thorn's already got the hardware and the knowledge that's easily adaptable to the purpose of large scale and highly sophisticated farming. This together with the pesticides and fertilizers we're producing give us the jump on any governmental or corporate entity in the world.

Bill: If we control their land, we make them tenants.

Paul: Bill, we make their bellies full.

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