May 6, 2011

At Least 5 Killed 18 Hurt In Karachi Pakistan Blast When Grenade Thrown At Crowd! My Gosh! Stop Already! MURDERING INNOCENT CIVILIANS

The Pakistani government needs to get serious about not supporting these murderous spirits and get rid of anyone in the government who is directly tied to them. It is that simple. Al-Qaeda is equivalent to the street gangs here in the US. Only Al-Qaeda is worse in the sense that they use bombs as their weapon of choice. :/ My advice would be for the Pakistani government to seek advice from our gang specialist here in the US.


Xinhua news
written by Staff
Saturday May 7, 2011

ISLAMABAD, May 6 (Xinhua) -- At least five people were killed and 18 others injured in a blast that took place Friday night in Karachi, the largest industrial city in Pakistan, reported local Urdu TV channel News 5.

According to the report, the blast took place at about 9:10 p.m. local time when an unkonwn person hurled a hand grenade into the crowds gathering at an outdoor gambling den in the Layari area of Karachi.

Some local media reported that two hand grenades were hurled into the crowds.

On April 21, another gambling den was attacked by unknown people in the same city, in which 19 people were reportedly killed and more than 40 others injured.

The attack could be related to personal enmities instead of terrorism, said a local report.

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