April 4, 2011

Bangladesh: Islamist Protest Against Women's Rights Left One Dead! Their Minds Are Stuck In The Stone Ages! :/

BBC news
written by Staff
Sunday April 3, 2011

A student at an Islamic school in Bangladesh has been shot dead and at least 30 others injured during a demonstration against women's rights.

The protesters were marching through the south-western town of Jessore against moves by the government to ensure equal property rights for women.

A protest leader said the student was shot by police, but police denied this, saying some protesters were also armed.

Under Bangladeshi law, a woman normally inherits half as much as her brother.

The rally was called to draw support for a nationwide strike on Monday.

Bangladesh, which is 90% Muslim, has a secular legal system, but in matters relating to inheritance follows Sharia law.

Under the new rules, every child would inherit the same amount.

Women's groups have long called for a change.

In Dhaka, the capital, hundreds of women, took to the streets to denounce those opposing the policy.

"We support the policy framed to empower the women, which is fully consistent with what Islam taught us," said Ayesha Khanom, president of the Women Society.

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